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Social Reviews

Discover the reasons behind your ‘stars’.

Social Reviews enables you to discover what drives your consumers' feedback, from a large scope to a granular view. Find satisfaction trends, capture customer sentiment and monitor individual location performance by collecting reviews from over 100 websites.

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Build trust by monitoring and influencing your online presence.

Social Reviews collects feedback so you can discover what your customers are saying about each business location. That way, you’ll be able to be highly responsive and even proactive so you can increase your business success. Show your customers how much you care, and build their trust with two-way communication.



Oversee over 100 review sites simultaneously.

Monitor more than 100 review websites and capture customer sentiment to gain a comprehensive view of location performance.

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Social Reviews features.

Drive performance based on customer feedback

Location value

Visualize trends and average ratings

Sentiment Analysis

Drive performance based on customer feedback

Businesses that reply to reviews increase revenue. By centralizing feedback into a single view, you can improve your customers' experiences.



Location value

You have chosen each of your locations carefully. With Social Reviews, you can easily capture your customers' insights so you can ensure each of your sites is adherent to your corporate guidelines and delivers a uniform customer experience that adds value to your brand.


Visualize trends and average ratings

Improve strategic planning for all your locations and address very specific, localized issues that may have an overall impact on your business by using multiple dashboards to easily identify trends and average ratings of each of your locations.


Sentiment Analysis

Capture customer sentiment in keywords and pre-defined categories over time, for a specific location or aggregated across locations. Use these insights to prioritize the improvements that matter most to your customers.


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