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Social Reviews

Discover the reasons behind your ‘stars’.

With Social Reviews by Alida, organizations can make data-driven decisions by leveraging customer feedback to uncover actionable insights. Uncover satisfaction, trends, and customer sentiment by collecting reviews from review sites and app stores. 

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Build trust by monitoring and influencing your online presence.

Uncover and analyze what your customers think about your business across multiple social channels. Demonstrate your commitment to customers and strengthen their trust through actioning their feedback into strategic improvements of your business.


Location Reviews 

Actionable strategies to deliver a uniform experience

Location Reviews enables monitoring of more than 100 review websites and captures customer sentiment to gain a comprehensive view of location performance. Deep dive into customer feedback for actionable strategies to deliver a uniform customer experience that adds value to your brand.

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App Reviews 

Optimize your app experience by accessing and analyzing feedback

App Reviews streamlines the process of tracking all your reviews from the Android and iOS app stores by offering an advanced, automated platform to patterns in customer feedback, evaluate customer sentiments, prioritize areas of improvement, and respond to customer feedback.

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Social Reviews features.

Drive performance based on customer feedback

Visualize trends and average ratings

Sentiment Analysis

Drive performance based on customer feedback

By centralizing feedback into a single view, you can improve your customers' experiences.



Visualize trends and average ratings

Visualize trends in ratings and distributions to improve strategic planning and address very specific, localized issues that may have an overall impact on your business.



Sentiment Analysis

Capture customer sentiment in keywords and pre-defined categories over time, for a specific location or aggregated across locations. Use these insights to prioritize the improvements that matter most to your customers.


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