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How Insight Communities Support Product Development

Written by Alida

Published January 02, 2019

Product teams can fuel the development tunnel with continuous member feedback with an insight community in addition to being able to:

  • Dig into product experiences
  • Develop new concepts
  • Test new features and functionality
  • Prioritize road map decisions

1) Multi Phase Concept Testing:

Start with an idea and work directly with your community members to get feedback before investing time, money, and resources to bring it to reality. Work through the entire concept-to-reality process with real-time, honest, authentic feedback from your community!

2) In-Market Product Evaluation: 

Collect feedback from your community members about your existing products, services, and offerings. Leverage the engagement of your empowered customers to evaluate your market position today, and help shape the future.

3) Explore Market Acceptance:

Leverage your Insight Community to better understand the market and products you are competing with. Short activities scheduled into your Community Plans can uncover things like:

  • Understanding the competitive landscape
  • Awareness, general perceptions and attitudes towards brands and market trends
  • Product and brand usage
  • Areas that need assessment—gaps, likes and dislikes
  • Build out customer profiles: demographic, psychographics and attitudinal

4) Validate go-to Market Materials:

Don't let the go-to-market materials for your newest offerings fall flat. Check in with your community members to test materials against real, live consumers who know (and love!) your brand and product to drive more fruitful campaigns. This includes:

  • Package refinement
  • Pricing strategy, bundling, and payment models
  • Messaging, promotion and ad testing
  • Partnership and sponsorship opportunity assessments
  • Website optimization
  • Path-to-purchase optimization