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Distribution Best Practices

Written by Alida

Published May 10, 2018

Follow these best practices when you're ready to deploy your activity. Keep in mind that each invitation is an extension of your brand. You should provide value to your members at every opportunity. Also, be careful to avoid spam filters!

Include these elements in your invitation:

Distribution Best Practices
  • Interesting subject line - change these up often for best open rates
  • Personalized greeting - pipe in a member name or other profile variables
  • A reason activity is relevant to the person opening the email
  • One sentence describing what the activity is about
  • Link to the activity - (Obviously!)
  • Sign off or signature from the Community Manager
  • Shareback - share what you learned from members in previous activities or other relevant value

Keep the activity open

Most of the responses will come in the first 72 hours following the invitation and reminders. And it is common to see most of your responses in the first few hours after deploying because that's when the message is top of inbox. You can access your results whenever you like, but we recommend leaving the activity open for members to complete when they’re available. It can be a frustrating experience to respond to an invitation when you return from a vacation, only to discover the activity is closed. Often 7-14 days is enough.

Schedule reminders

Reminders can improve your response rates and give members another chance to complete an activity. If you send frequent invitations (more than 1 per week) you may want to forgo reminders. [Typically, it's best to remind 3-days after your invitation. However, each community has its own cadence and expectations.]

Check in soon after distributing

It’s a good idea to check the study results in Analyze within a few hours of launch for any issues with the activity. And, if you’re running a forum you should be interacting with members right away when you launch.

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