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How often should I post to my Hub?

Written by Alida

Published July 03, 2018

About 1-2 times a week.

  • This will give you 4-8 posts a month
  • 1-2 posts should be a shareback from your recent activities
  • Include at minimum 2-3 sentences of context in all curated/shareback posts

Hint: Use the Feeds page to help pull any social or relevant RSS feeds to make curation quick and easy!\


  • Aim for 1 meaty post a Month — like exclusive content or a behind the scenes look into your brand.


Monthly Newsletter

  • This should contain 3-5 posts as a best practice
  • Include at least 1 shareback
  • Include your meaty post



  • Your newsletter should be considered one of your member touch points.
  • You no longer need to consider sharebacks a touchpoint since they will be included in the newsletter ;)