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Member Hubs: Adding Content

Written by Alida

Published April 24, 2018

If you’re just getting started with your Hub it might feel overwhelming to dive into content creation in this new way, but we've got you covered with these best practices. We’ll get into more detail in the post about content strategy planning, but for now here are a few tips to getting started.

Some general ideas for content

How-to guides, user tips and tricks, exclusive branded content, sharebacks from previous studies, and sneak peeks into product or messaging development.

Reaching out to content team

Reach out to your content team

Talk to your marketing team to see if they’d be willing to help create some content for the Member Hub.

Repurpose content

The easiest way to get started with content is to reuse content from a successful social media campaign or your organization's blog. Give it a unique spin by tailoring the content to your insight community.

Include an intro post

Start with a welcome post to let your community know what they can expect from being a member of your Hub. Make sure to communicate an incentive for them to keep coming back.

Try a few different formats

Try adding video, audio, and third-party articles to add variety to your content.

Leveraging member hubs to improve customer relationships

If you include a hyperlink...

  • Use the link option from the "+" menu within the post; this will generate an embedded image and some preview text from the original source.
  • Make sure the source article isn’t password protected
  • If the embed that gets generated looks a bit wonky, change the preview image, or clean-up the text.
  • Don't use a long URL in a post — hyperlink a part of your text instead.
High quality content

Always include a few high quality images or graphics

At the very least you’ll need a title image for your post. If you have a longer post make sure to break it up with graphics such as icons, emojis, or stock photos.

Auto-feed your company's approved content

You can set up feeds that will automatically pull-in content from your website and social media channels. Including a feed will provide you with a weekly repository of company-approved content to post directly to the hub. Here’s how to set one up.

WebHelp Resources:


This video will walk you through how you can add a shareback to your hub from within the Analyze section of Sparq:

Here's how you can create a brand new piece of content: