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Member Hubs: Setting Hub Goals

Written by Alida

Published April 19, 2018

Before you launch your Member Hub you’ll want to define your goals and set a range of key performance indicators. The exact definition of what success looks like will differ organization to organization, but in general they fall within a few key areas:

  • Response Rates: are people opening your newsletters and invites to studies?
  • Engagement: are your members clicking to see sharebacks, are they viewing content in your Hub?
  • Participation: are your members taking part in your studies? Are they completing all of the questions? Are your members commenting and liking on your posts?

This worksheet will help you set specific goals and help you narrow in on which goals you’ll want to track while you launch and nurture your Member Hub. Ideally, you’re only choosing a few goals and troubleshooting until you start seeing the results you’d like. If you choose too many at once, you might miss the mark.

 Member Hubs: Setting hub goals

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