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Roles Involved in Running an Insight Community

Written by Alida

Published February 08, 2019

In this post, we summarize the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the development and maintenance of an Insight Community. It is only by having clear roles that everyone can know exactly what they are responsible for, and the community can be run smoothly and efficiently.

Community Manager:

  • Authorizes the use of the Insight Community by business units and stakeholders.
  • Designs and implements member engagement strategy and plans.
  • Champion and manager of Member Hub
  • Manages the calendar of the Insight Community.
  • Consults with and obtains approval from appropriate Stakeholders, as required.
  • Shares insight and regular updates about the Insight Community with the organization.
  • Maintains regular contact with Alida and the Customer Success team.

Senior Stakeholder:

  • Provides advice and support to managers so business units can fully understand the Insight Community.
  • Leads development of required reporting.

Executive Sponsor:

  • Provides guidance to the Insight Community team on how to encourage cross-collaboration.
  • Shares the value of the Community with senior stakeholders across the organization to generate interest in usage.
  • Monitors the value that the Insight Community brings to the organization.


  • Provide guidance, advice and input within their area of expertise and experience.
  • Can be especially helpful in producing Member Hub content, or connecting community insights to greater market research or industry trends

To learn more about Stakeholders and how to engage them in your community, read our post on Stakeholder Engagement.

For Insight Communities run by several different departments and/or in multiple geographic regions, learn more about having multiple community administrators.