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Alida Sparq® Winter '20 Further Enables Brands to Excel in Customer Trust

Written by Alida

Published January 29, 2020

It’s hard to believe we are already at the end of January and what a compelling first month of 2020 we’ve had at Alida. We’ve had exciting leadership changes and with them comes an invigorated sense of purpose for our entire organization. As our SVP of global marketing, Erin Avery, likes to say, “Today is another great day for Alida.” I think that is especially true today as we roll out our Alida Sparq® Winter ‘20 platform update.


Customer Centricity Is Our Heartbeat

At Alida, we enable organizations to put their customers at the center of critical business decisions to elevate the overall customer experience. We also follow our own advice, consistently engaging with our own customers to make every touchpoint better. One of the ways that Alida delivers increasing value to customers is by soliciting insight about what product features would make each day just a little better for them. 

In keeping with our tradition of releasing product enhancements that are co-created with our users, Alida Sparq Winter ‘20, available today, comes from feedback collected from customers including from Alida Sparq Next, our own insight community. Our customers want features that create better experiences for their insight community members, better experiences for their users and administrators, and they want all this in a way that enables them to protect their members’ data and elevate their level of trust. We’ve created the Alida Sparq Winter ‘20 release with these needs in mind.

What’s New in Alida Sparq Winter ‘20

Included in Alida Sparq Winter ’20 are customer-led enhancements like an integration to Tableau, available through Alida Sparq’s App Center, that gives administrators the ability to connect both survey and profile data, allowing for more complex data visualizations. By extending data analysis beyond Alida Sparq, brands gain a better understanding of their communities and have new capabilities to share insight within their organizations. 

Another feature co-created with customers who leverage Hubs for member and stakeholder engagement is our new Threaded Comments functionality. With this new capability, Hub users are able to reply directly to comments and share images within a thread, establishing a more effective and fluid way for members to communicate with other members and admins. 

While there are many exciting updates included in our new release, two enhancements stand out as we continue to enable our customers to engage their insight community members with trust and transparency. We want our customers to feel secure with the knowledge that they have the right data controls in place to not only stay compliant with regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), but go beyond to enhance trust and transparency with their customers. Alida Sparq users can now leverage Sensitive Data Controls and Sensitive Data Purge to secure access to customer data they classify as sensitive. This allows actionable insights to be gathered through meaningful engagement with customers.

More Is on the Way

Just as exciting as what we released today is what we have in store for the future. Our new leadership team not only brings a feeling of excitement to our business, but also an innovative vision to translate into value. Value for our current and future customers as we execute like never before to continue to enable them to excel in customer experience. And value for our employees as we continue to provide meaningful contributions that make a difference each day. It is a great day to be at Alida, and I for one, couldn’t be more thrilled.