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Suppliers and Sub-processors

Alida works with various technology service providers to deliver our solution to the market. Depending on the contracts, laws and regulations that a customer is subject to, the concept of a supplier or sub-processor may vary.

For our existing customers we have provided an updated list in our support knowledge base. The listing discloses which companies Alida works with in summary form. For specifics on the relationships that Alida has with each provider and how they might be considered relative to a certain contract, law or regulation please contact your customer success manager.

The list is available as an article in our knowledge base.

View article

The link is only available to authenticated customers via their own community. To access the knowledge base article, please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Alida product

2. Click the ‘Help Center’ link

3. Paste the article URL linked above directly into your browser address bar OR navigate to the article manually (click Getting Started > Exclusive Content)

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