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Video Feedback

Powerful video surveys at scale.

With Alida’s Video Feedback, collecting qualitative insights through video survey responses has never been easier so that you can tell powerful stories that build customer empathy and influence strategic business decisions.

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Humanize the feedback process to make an impact.

Make it easy for customers to share authentic video feedback with the click of a button. With Video Feedback, it’s easy to gain unparalleled insights and get 8X more content than text based alternatives. Uncover themes and sentiment for deeper, richer customer insight so you can build empathy and influence strategic business decisions.


The Video Feedback difference.

Rely On One Integrated Platform

Since Video Feedback is part of the Alida TXM platform you can plan, execute, and efficiently manage all aspects of video feedback from a unified platform to elevate your qualitative research and voice of the customer programs.

Launch Video Surveys In Minutes

Collect faster, richer qualitative feedback by combining the power of video with Alida survey functionality like targeting, logic, and segmentation to get authentic and impactful responses from those who matter most to you.

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Video Feedback Features.

Capture Powerful Insights

Analyze Feedback Efficiently

Understand Customer Experience

Share Powerful Stories

Capture Powerful Insights

Empower respondents to share video feedback on key topics with the click of a button.

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Analyze Feedback Efficiently

Uncover key themes, sentiment and actionable insight through powerful AI and machine-learning tools.


Understand Customer Experience

Unlock deeper and richer insights of customer opinions, motivations, perceptions, and beliefs.


Share Powerful Stories

Create customized snippets and branded showreels in minutes to present real, human stories and findings to stakeholders.


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