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Alida Partner Network FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Alida Partner Network?

The Alida Partner Network is a network of agencies, consultants, service providers, and technology companies that provide their clients with additional value by leveraging Alida TXM.

We are growing at an incredible pace and we require your help to bring superior customer experience and insights to organizations around the world. We offer:

  • Open, actionable, democratized solutions with a 7X services attachment rate
  • Quick ROIAs an Alida Partner, you will receive a full set of professional tools, continuous support and most importantly, you’ll quickly see your return on investment.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage – Alida is the only solution that allows customers to collect and action both feedback as well as deep insights, all in one integrated platform. Bring value to your customers by helping them put their truth into action. 
  • Co-Sell and Co-Support Model
  • Deal Registration
  • Certification Program, Free Sales and Technical Training for Partners
  • Exceptional reward program
  • Dedicated Partner Account Manager

What are the different partnership types?

The Alida partnership types include referral partner, services partner, value-added reseller, and technology partner.

What is an Alida Solution Provider?

An Alida Solution provider is a community & CXM expert who can provide a complete Alida solution to their clients.

What is an Alida Technology Partner?

An Alida Technology Partner is a progressive technology company either extending their technology by connecting to the Alida TXM, or integrating Alida into your platform. This technology integration opens new doors for enhanced solutions that can be considered for co-marketing and co-selling.

What is an Alida Services Partner?

An Alida Services Partner is a trusted partner that has the capability to implement Alida technologies and/or conduct advanced services alongside the technology. This includes leading systems integrators, advisory, management consulting, and firms helping businesses from CX consulting through to implementation.

What is an Alida Ambassador?

An Alida Ambassador is an individual or company that loves Alida and wants to tell everyone! More commonly known as a referral partner, an Alida Ambassador refers new customers to Alida. Our account team then engages with the lead. Closed business is eligible for a referral fee.

How does Alida support partners?

We want to ensure you are successful. It's important to us that new partners have the support they need to thrive and that all partners are equipped to provide value to existing customers. This is how we support our partners:

Partner Success

Your Partner Account Manager will help you with enablement and training, channel business planning, partner marketing, and Alida alignment.

Partner Success Manager

Your Partner Success Manager provides support on key customer journey milestones, risk mediation strategies, and joint account planning for expansion and renewal opportunities.

Customer Success

Your Commercial Account Executive will work on deals with you, focusing on sales cycle management, customer lead development, and key account management.

Partner Enablement & Certification

Ramp up with Alida Academy courses, become a Certified Alida Partner, and access ongoing product enablement resources.

How do I become an Alida Partner?

To become an Alida Partner, you must first fill out the partner application form here. You will hear back from us within 48 hours.

How can Alida TXM help my business?

We give you a competitive advantage by providing your clients the actionable customer intelligence to develop better products, launch successful marketing campaigns, increase loyalty, and improve customer experience. Learn more about Alida TXM here.

What is the Alida Academy Partner Certification?

The Alida Academy Partner Certification is a unique certification for partners who, upon completion, will be classified as an official Certified Alida Partner. This extensive training will ensure you are well equipped to sell, implement, and service Alida solutions effectively.

What are the benefits of becoming an Alida Partner?

In addition to the referral fees and margin sharing that will add new revenue streams to your organization, the Alida Partner Network benefits include support from a dedicated Partner Account Manager, Partner Success Manager, and Commercial Account Executive, as well as access to sales training, software training, certification, product enablement, and resources. 

Is the Alida Partner Network global?

Yes! The Alida Partner Network has benefited service providers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

How do I register a deal?

Deal registration is the official process for Alida Partners to submit sales opportunities that they have created through their own sales and marketing efforts, and for which the partner is seeking sales coordination with the Alida sales organization. Click here to register your deal.

“Nudge has been an Alida Partner on the African continent since 2014 and proudly EMEA Partner of the year in 2016 & 2017.”

Jake Orpen, CEO, Nudge Insights




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