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Alida CXM



Alida CXM is designed to enable you to listen to direct & indirect sources of customer feedback, perform automated actions on collected feedback and have complete visibility into key customer experience metrics so you can create exemplary customer experiences day after day. With Alida CXM you get a holistic customer experience platform that brings in both operational and experiential data, integrates this data with the tools to collect, understand and action customer feedback along with the ability to analyze data and monitor trends in one integrated solution.


The Alida CXM Difference

Rely on one platform to automate and centralize essential CXM activities

The Alida CXM Platform enables a holistic customer experience program with comprehensive methods of feedback collection, ability to integrate operational data with experiential data, capabilities to action feedback and close the loop, and configurable dashboards to monitor and analyze key customer experience metrics.

Exceptional support and guidance

Maximize the value of your Customer Experience Management initiatives with our world-class Customer Success and Value Engineering teams that provide best practice guidance to help evolve your CXM program and meet business objectives.

Alida provides the expertise and capability to collect and action both broad feedback and deep insights. With Alida CXM, you can manage, monitor, and optimize millions of customer experiences and unlock meaningful insights from your deeply-profiled insight community members. Now you can rely on the power of & to put your customers’ truths into action.


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Deepen Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

Close the loop to demonstrate your understanding and empathy around customer feedback.

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Reduce Churn

Reinforce a positive experience or rectify a negative one by actioning customer feedback.

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Understand the Health of CXM Initiatives

Identify trends that are resulting in customer dissatisfaction and take proactive steps to improve customer experience.

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Amplify your VoC

Improve your customer listening strategy by using multiple sources of data to get a complete picture of your customer.

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Collect broad feedback at scale with Alida Surveys and Alida Touchpoint

Leverage enterprise-grade feedback collection tools to collect, distribute, and analyze direct feedback, via surveys or gamified micro-surveys. Learn More

Collect indirect sources of feedback with purpose-built integrations

Integrate data from review sites as well as other sources into Alida’s data lake and seamlessly combine all of your CX data into one single platform for a more complete view of your customers. Learn More


Create a custom closed-loop strategy with a configurable rule engine and on-platform case management

  • Configure custom rules or conditions that trigger actions based on specific survey responses to ensure timely and effective actions are taken.
  • Automate your feedback collection to be driven by specific customer transactions or events to collect highly contextualized data.
  • Automatically create & manage cases to alert relevant CX representatives on further action required

Gain end-to-end visibility into key performance metrics

  • Use real-time, dynamic, and configurable dashboards to visualize survey responses and composition of survey respondents.
  • Case management dashboard for a snapshot view of currently configured rules, number & type of actions taken & status & progression of cases.
  • Alida review dashboard to have complete visibility into your review activity, including average ratings, sentiment scores and direct links to reviews.

Transform your customer experience

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