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A Statement from our CEO, Ross Wainwright

Written by Ross Wainwright

Published June 02, 2020

The events of the past week have been difficult to process and put into words. I want to foremost express my devastation and condemn the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin and so many others who have been senselessly murdered for no other reason than the color of their skin. This is a recurring pattern, and the protests that have emerged in cities across the world further highlight this continuing racial divide. People are angry and heartbroken; I am angry and heartbroken. Remaining silent is no longer acceptable.

I am looking inward and recognize my own privileges. I have encouraged our employees to also join me in doing so. We must ask ourselves what more we can do for our Black employees, neighbors, and communities. I am proud of our inclusive culture at Vision Critical, but I know that we can do better. We must do better. Discrimination and hate do not have a place at Vision Critical. We are a culture of equality, belonging, and safety, and we have zero tolerance for anything less.

We acknowledge our responsibility to be part of the solution and are committed to doing our part.

Our internal team is united in developing further ways to use our platform to fight for human equality. We will conduct global unconscious bias training, educate ourselves, and create safe spaces for our employees to speak out and be themselves. 

We know this is just a start. Each of us has the power to make a difference.

Be kind to one another,

Ross Wainwright