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Alida Ignites an Experience Revolution with AWS Bedrock

Written by Daniel Charles

Published December 12, 2023

Alida was recently represented at one of the tech industry's largest conferences, Amazon re: Invent, with Daniel Charles, the SVP of Product and Go-To-Market, sharing insights into Alida’s exciting integration of AWS Bedrock. Watch the session below. 


In the summer of 2023, we integrated Amazon Bedrock into the Alida platform, partnering as an early adopter of Amazon's new generative AI service. Using Anthropic's Foundational model, Claude 2.0 on Amazon Bedrock, we were able to make a leap in our ability to create powerful new customer and user experience capabilities. 

Amazon Bedrock emerged as the ideal partner for Alida, not just for its commitment to innovation, but also for its dedication to providing top-tier data security, a paramount concern for Alida's customers.


What makes Amazon Bedrock truly advantageous?

The main advantage of using Amazon Bedrock lies in our ability to deliver rapid insights to our customers and create operational efficiency. Before these advances in generative AI, companies could not easily extract value from customer data unless they were doing it manually for every single customer, making it difficult and costly to scale. 

With the integration of Anthropic's Claude 2.0 model on Amazon Bedrock, we were able to upgrade our text analytics engine in a transformative manner. This enhancement resulted in superior categorization and comprehension of customer data, swiftly translating into actionable insights for our customers. Companies can now navigate and resolve customer issues with unprecedented speed, unlocking business value at an unprecedented pace.


What perks are Alida's customers enjoying?

Amazon Bedrock was pivotal in refining Alida's ability to pinpoint specific customer feedback topics with heightened granularity. We were able to leverage AI techniques like clustering and embedding to deliver a coarse set of topics to any dataset.  Alida can now curate a targeted set of feedback topics that effectively reveal customer sentiment. This more refined approach helps to quickly identify and address customer problems with a high level of specificity, contributing to a more effective and efficient resolution. 

One of the standout features of generative AI is its low maintenance requirements. Our team is no longer required to train the AI model for every customer’s unique dataset. Instead of using a large language model, we are able to serve disparate customer use cases across diverse industries. This translates to significant time and cost savings for Alida's customers.

There is gold inside customer data, but it's all about how you get to it. This new generative AI technology will allow Alida customers to get to that gold and customer knowledge faster than ever before, helping our customers work smarter, not harder.


What does the future look like for AI at Alida? 

Alida is excited and optimistic as it looks to leverage generative AI for the future of Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX). The roadmap is already marked with several promising product advancements, all powered by Amazon Bedrock.

Text Analysis - Alida is committed to enhancing its text analytics engine, offering customers greater topic detection through the innovative ability to self-label data. This newfound capability will empower customers to relabel feedback to align with their internal language.

Overcoming Language Barriers - Alida's new AI model transcends traditional translations, comprehending the context of responses in the respondent's native language. Integrated directly into Alida's platform, this capability will streamline all translation needs for companies, offering a comprehensive solution all in one place.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research - With Amazon Bedrock fueling the engine, Alida anticipates introducing revolutionized summarization and open-ended prompting capabilities for qualitative and quantitative research. Advanced summarization tools will enable rapid comprehension of large volumes of customer feedback, while new open-ended prompting tools will engage customers further, delving into the reasons behind their sentiments. This additional level of context equips companies with richer insights, enabling them to enhance customer experiences and deliver greater value. 

Alida has seen a tremendous uplift in capabilities with Amazon Bedrock and is eager to continue on its innovative journey powered by the endless possibilities of generative AI. The introduction of Amazon Bedrock is the start of an exciting CX revolution and will continue to empower Alida to transform its business now and for the future. 

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