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More Than Just a Survey Platform: BDG Partners with Alida

Written by Alida

Published August 17, 2021

For BDG, impactful relationships with Alida is the key to their survey success.

BDG is one of today’s leading, global media companies with a portfolio of distinct digital and experiential brands that are shaping culture. Over 84 million readers turn to our brands—Bustle, Elite Daily, Gawker, Input, Inverse, Mic, NYLON, Romper, The Zoe Report, and W Media—to hear from a set of diverse voices around the issues and interests engaging the next generation.

In 2021, BDG was on the hunt for more support from their survey provider and started looking for a partner that understood their needs and was invested in their success. Being a past customer of Alida, BDG was already familiar with Alida and their insight community capabilities. Previous to 2021, BDG pivoted their strategy to include a stronger focus on surveys vs. insight community and chose a different vendor for their survey needs and realized that they needed to take another look at Alida’s enhanced products. BDG returned to Alida, confident that this was the partner they needed to meet their evolving needs.

BDG relies on their insights to curate relevant and engaging content for their readers—a critical component to their success. Outside of content, BDG prioritizes enhancing their relationships with their brand partners through insights to ensure they are providing the most value. This is why making the right choice on their survey platform is so important. BDG needs a partner that is committed to the execution of their vision and Alida delivers exactly that!

“Nearly 50% of Alida's employee ecosystem is focused on engineering, customer success, and
professional services — highlighting the vendor's commitment to its more than 600 customers
across the globe to continue innovating its products while also maintaining its focus on customer success.”
Forrester Wave Customer Feedback Management Report

Here at Alida, we practice what we preach—we treat our customers the same way we advise them to treat their customers. We constantly strive to understand your needs, goals, and expectations by listening and taking action. Our differentiator is our people. We keep a pulse on our customers, their industries and business goals to help them stay on track and hit their targets. For BDG, we are more than their survey platform—we are their survey partner. We know the impact of going the extra mile and providing value to our customers in order for us to win together.

You need to work together with your survey partner effectively in order to achieve your goals. Alida’s investment in your success can be gauged by the satisfaction of your customers and the ability for you to reach your goals. Your customer engagement and loyalty will tell the tale. And this is just the start for BDG! We can’t wait to continue to support them in their journey to success.

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