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Alida Surveys

Drive better business outcomes with broad customer feedback


Simple and Advanced Survey Features

Alida Surveys offers brands a comprehensive and intuitive ad hoc solution so that they can learn about their customers’ experiences in a way that uncovers undeniable truths that need action. To earn customer trust and loyalty, brands deploy Alida Surveys to hear the truth in their customers’ voices and to make decisions with them, not for them.


Survey Software Designed for All Kinds of Research:

25+ Survey Question Types

Alida Surveys allows you to choose from a wide array of survey questions to help you ask the right questions and uncover insights for your brand. Choose from visual, dynamic question types - like highlighter, video feedback, image upload, and embedded content - as well as advanced multiple-choice and logic-based research questions like MaxDiff.

Security and Compliance

Our secure, ISO compliant survey platform helps you adhere to federal and local compliances and regulations. Launch GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA ready surveys that also host survey data in localized servers.

Reporting and Analysis

Uncover insights and analytics and statistics that matter. Create reports that are easy to read and distribute to the stakeholders that can make the most impact. With comprehensive graphical representations, our survey data analysis is powerful, easy to understand, and act on.


Our survey tool is robust and built to uncover insights that your brand needs. Make use of our training to become an expert user and have the power of our robust survey software at your fingertips.

Custom Survey Services

We have custom survey services to help you collect insights. This includes complex survey setups or even survey design, logic, and reporting.

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Support for Surveys 

Alida's customer support is trained and ready to support your success. As an Alida Surveys customer, you have access to online guides and extensive FAQs, free survey templates, live and on-demand training, and more.


Security & Trust

Our platform is delivered as a cloud-based, multi-tenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) application accessed by respondents via a web browser. No software or add-ons are installed on any computers.


Alida Surveys Is Secure & Compliant

SOC2 Type 2

GDPR ready

CCPA ready

HIPAA Business Associate Agreements

Layered firewalls and security groups

Intrusion detection monitoring

Central logging across all layers of the stack

Infrastructure and application layer monitoring

Scheduled annual, third party audits


Server hardening and patching

Uncover Actionable Insights from Deeply Profiled Customers with Alida Sparq

Digital insight communities can decrease churn by 70%!

Alida Sparq can help you inform strategy and improve customer experience. 

Upgraded Alida Surveys customers keep their adhoc surveys and data, which provides a thread of continuity in insights collection. 

From targeted surveys and Quick Polls, to conducting qualitative research using Forums, we have the solutions for insights-driven customer experience. 


Ready to start collecting insights-driven feedback?

Our powerful enterprise-grade survey functionality makes our survey platform the best choice for all your surveys.