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Winter '22 Product Release—Dynamic Targeting, AI-driven Text Analytics, and More!

Written by Alida

Published January 25, 2022

2022 is here and we’re kicking off the year with some amazing new product innovations that will help you get closer to your customers than ever before. Our upcoming Winter ‘22 product release includes many new features and functionalities to the Alida TXM Platform. Some highlights include monitoring online reviews with Alida Social, better targeting customer segments with Alida Touchpoint, easily tracking and automating your insight efforts with AI-infused Text Analytics and Dashboards, and so much more!

Here’s Alida’s President of Products, Riaz Raihan, to give you a sneak peek into the amazing new product innovations being released with our Winter ‘22 release.


The Winter 2022 product release enhancements include:


Gain a more holistic understanding of indirect customer feedback and customer satisfaction by monitoring location and website social reviews 

  • Have complete visibility into what your customers are saying about your business across all your physical and digital sites. With Alida Social, you can monitor customer reviews from over 100 review sites across the internet in one platform.
  • Maintain your brand’s reputation by responding in a consistent manner to reviews for all your locations. 
  • Gain insights and compare how different locations perform across your business using the location reviews dashboard.
  • Take automatic actions on location reviews by integrating with Alida Actions, distribute review insights cross-functionally, and have complete visibility into all review related analytics and customer sentiment in one integrated solution. 


Improve admin and respondent experience and collect more powerful insights from your survey data:

  • Increase participant engagement by personalizing your respondent experience. Tailor questions to reflect your customer’s choice(s) by piping values from ranking questions earlier in the survey.
  • Make sure that your respondent  experience is consistent, regardless of which device they use (mobile or desktop), by presenting single choice and multiple choice matrix questions in the form of a carousel.
  • Aggregate data across multiple surveys(surveys distributed at different points in time to the same audience, or similar surveys distributed to different audiences) to glean even more powerful insights from customer data.  
  • Understand how customer satisfaction or NPS differs between different segments by analyzing survey responses to those questions across multiple surveys.
  • Map evolution of customer sentiment over time by merging responses with shared attributes across different surveys.
  • Conduct statistical analysis by assigning numeric fields(scalar values) to single choice data fields in datasets. Scalar values can also be used in Dashboard calculations and visualizations.


Target Touchpoint activities to specific segments of your customers

  • Touchpoint  is built around the core principle of collecting right feedback at the right time and doing this by creating an experience that inspires respondents to share feedback with you
  • You now target specific Touchpoint activities to specific segments or a subset of your audience. Different activities can be presented to different visitors to your site based on a number of audience-specific attributes. A few examples of visitor attributes are gender, location, role, designation, age, most recent interaction with your brand, last purchased product, etc.
  • Improve engagement by presenting  the right question to the right audience and using this contextual data, you can take actions relevant to that specific customer interaction.
  • Collect insights from the customer segments you want to learn more about without burdening all your audiences


Manage data visibility for all your users with org-hierarchy role-based dashboards 

  • With org-hierarchy role-based access, you can control what data an auto-provisioned user is able to see on a dashboard with the use of data-restrictions coupled with SSO.
  • Organizational hierarchies could be either based on regions/locations/geographies or based on departments. Instead of assigning individual permissions to specific users, users obtain all permissions associated with the role’s position in the hierarchy. 
  • This reduces admin effort and ensures that users always have access permissions that are aligned with their role.


Deepen your understanding of customer sentiment with AI-infused Text Analytics and Dashboards

  •  Process open-ended and unstructured data through Alida’s powerful Text Analytics engine.
  • Quickly evaluate large amounts of unstructured data to identify key phrases and perform taxonomy-based categorization of this data.
  • Analyze all open-ended data from multiple sources in one centralized platform. 
  • Embed these customer insights into your decision making with an easy-to-customize and easy-to-share text analytics dashboard.


Improve Privacy and Consent communications with changes to Member Hubs:

  • Customize the messaging in the cookie popup in Member Hubs to reflect your brand and privacy guidelines. 
  • Give your members complete visibility and control over how information about them is being shared to other members


Personalize Mobile App experience with new enhancements:

  • Customize what notifications you receive, at what frequency you receive them and when you do, with enhancements to Mobile push notifications
  • Sort and filter activities to make your mobile experience as seamless as your desktop experience
  • Enjoy improved user experience for the Mobile NPS Dashboards


Collect feedback from outside the customer base:

  • Collect feedback from customers not currently represented in the customer base with Alida’s sample management capabilities.
  • Take advantage of integrated workflows between Alida Surveys and leading third-party sample providers for the acquisition of and feedback collection from non-captive respondents. 


Coming Soon

Conduct qualitative research using Video In-Depth-Interviews (IDI) 

Alida will be expanding its qualitative capabilities with an integrated Video IDI solution. With Video IDI, you can segment and schedule panelists, prepare for and conduct live video interviews (individual or group), run detailed analyses with transcript text analysis and even share showreel clips for compelling presentations. Alida Video IDI is an effective way to reveal actionable insights that help you build truly exceptional customer experiences. 

For more information on Alida’s products and how they can help your organization uncover and action its customers’ truth, visit www.alida/com/products.