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The Best Ways to Share Insights with Stakeholders

Written by Alida

Published December 10, 2019

Recently, our Director of Professional Services, Lisa Ketola, shared some information about a #newMR webinar she attended about the best way to share insights with stakeholders. Knowing how much great insight our customers are getting from their insight communities, those insights are not helping the business if stakeholders aren’t receiving them.

Lisa pointed out that the methodologies we use to collect insights have changed dramatically over the years, but the ways we disseminate and deliver research findings to stakeholders have typically not kept pace.  

Your Insights Lack Visibility

In the webinar, a Coca Cola researcher describes a common situation faced by researchers today—valuable, actionable insights produced by her department were often unused due to email delivery leading to poor organizational awareness. “Right now, they never, ever read the email.”  Sound familiar?

So, the researcher did what a researcher does best and tested a number of stakeholder engagement methods to understand which types of communication had the most resonance and impact as well as learn how best to reach and influence long term.

While stakeholders’ needs will vary by role and organization, the results of her experiment can be a lesson for us all. The absolute worst engagement method was insights delivered via emailed PowerPoint presentations. Methods that worked better included:

  • Newsletters
  • Video interviews
  • Infographics

How to Share Insights More Effectively

Wondering how you can improve your insights delivery? Alida's Stakeholder Hubs were built specifically to make insight sharing easier and more engaging. Any type of insights content—videos, infographics, slides—can be posted on the Hub. Additionally, the Hub manager can quickly curate newsletters to share with stakeholders summarizing and highlighting new Hub content. And, most importantly, stakeholders are able to easily access all the historical insights posted on the Hub.

Per a comprehensive study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group on How Consumer Insight Can Be a Powerful Business Partner, companies who want to leverage customer insights into a competitive advantage need to leverage customer insight’s enormous knowledge base:

“There is a vast trove of valuable analysis, context, and perspective within CI in the form of existing reports and projects. The trick is to make all that accessible and useful to the business.”

Stakeholder Hubs can help your organization access that treasure trove and turn customer insights into growth.

P.S. Need some more motivation on how to improve your insights delivery? Read all about the success Anne Marie at Goodyear has found leveraging her Stakeholder Hub to engage and inform stakeholders.

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