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Aurora Health Care Achieved

40% improvement in website engagement

34% increase in volume for their patient portal

36% increase in MyAurora appointments


Aurora Health Care was frustrated with not having agile access to quality insight to keep pace with the speed of business decisions. They launched Aurora Health Share to get ongoing insight and create a seamless end-to-end patient journey.


  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Drive revenue growth
  • De-risk decisions

Business Challenge 

The health care industry is now more patient-centric than ever. To deliver on its culture of us vision, Aurora Health Care needed a way to incorporate the voice of the patient into new communications and patient experience initiatives that would exceed consumer expectations.


They launched Aurora Health Share back in 2014 which initially focused on improving marketing communications. This opened the door to more ideation and strategic impact, driving product innovation, brand and culture.

They’re able to get ongoing feedback, from an opted-in, deeply profiled, HIPAA compliant group of close to 5,000 primary care patients for iterative, ongoing feedback and a quick pulse on what consumers are saying. Continual patient feedback over the past four years has enabled Darrell Beneker, Director of Consumer Insights, and his team to understand challenges, validate messaging, and promote products and services while shortening the feedback loop.

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