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Experian Health Achieved

Increased nps by 16 points

Increased employee engagement by 37%

Improved overall customer & employee experience


Experian Health specializes in data and operations management tools that help healthcare providers improve both operational efficiencies and patient experience. Over 60 percent of U.S. hospitals count on Experian Health solutions. Their goal is to simplify healthcare with smarter business decisions, better bottom lines, and stronger patient relationships.

Use Cases:

  • Voice of Customer
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Voice of Employee

Forming a healthcare customer-centric response plan

In early 2020, the swift arrival and spread of COVID-19 caused chaos for every provider and patient in the healthcare system. As a healthcare operations management tool provider, Experian Health had to pay extra attention to their employee and healthcare customer needs during the pandemic so that they could develop a response plan that provided genuine value, fast. Having seen success with a healthcare customer-centric approach in the past, Experian Health knew their response to COVID-19 needed to be driven by insights.

Solutions rooted in empathy

Experian Health went straight to the source–they surveyed and collected data from its employees and healthcare customers to gain insights and understand the unique challenges COVID-19 presented, which drove their response to develop actionable plans to support efforts related to the pandemic. This pain point exploration exercise empowered Experian Health to lead with empathy, communicate effectively, and develop new tools that their healthcare customers and employees actually needed. Talking to their Alida Sparq insight community members working in revenue cycle and patient access, and Experian Health employees across the country, constant communication was a key theme. From employees seeking regular updates from leadership about the organization’s response to COVID-19, to healthcare customers seeking regular updates on products and resources, all respondents appreciated the support that Experian Health provided through the initiatives they developed from survey results.

Business success by putting customers and employees first

Experian Health used their insight community to inform valuable solutions that addressed pressing COVID-19 issues and concerns amongst its healthcare customers and employees.

Explicit employee feedback on their sentiments around COVID-19.

This was shared with executive leadership to understand exactly what and how they should be communicating with their employees. The insights resulted in regular email communications from executives, updates on wellness resources, and the development of tools to cultivate connections between employees while the team mostly transitioned working remotely.

Two free COVID-19 tools for their healthcare customers.

Payer Alertsa comprehensive list of COVID-19 and telehealth payer policy alerts that identify major increases in telehealth activity and payer policy changes.  The COVID Outlook & Response Evaluator Model (CORE), a heat map tool to easily communicate geographic populations across the country most susceptible to developing cases of severe COVID-19. CORE predicts the impact on communities, government agencies, and healthcare organizations, and informs communication, re-opening strategies, and decisions on allocation of critical community health resources.

Matching networking needs.

In the absence of in-person events in 2020, Experian Health used their insight community Innovation Studio to match user profiles with other community members who are experiencing similar challenges and facilitated introductions for those insight community members.

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