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Castorama Achieved

Corporate culture transformation

The community's impact on projects

€75,000 estimated savings on R&D budget


The customer is key to Castorama's transformation strategy. The brand is building on its customer centricity by placing the customer at the heart of every decision. This was the reason behind the creation of insight community Casto&vous, with the support of Alida.


  • Move from "customer awareness" to a true "customer culture"
  • Develop an insight community
Castorama business challenge

Business Challenge

Castorama wanted to create a programme to complement its existing customer voice system, to obtain very precise, qualitative and immediate feedback.


In September 2021, with the support of the Alida Insight Community platform, Castorama launched its "Casto&vous" insight community. This insight community is a powerful tool contributing to the move towards a more customer-centric culture, making it possible to set up surveys and activities in an agile, fast and flexible way in terms of human resources.

Alida Insight Community's flexibility and feature diversity makes it possible to address all types of questions, using the platform's various tools such as an in-depth questionnaire, mini-survey, customer video feedback, marketing content testing or digital service testing.


After developing its Casto&vous community, Castorama has been able to provide all its teams with customer insights on both operational and strategic issues.

Castorama has already conducted over fifteen surveys that have led to concrete actions, such as improving website content, setting up new loyalty programme scenarios, contributing to sales advisor training, prioritising certain subjects for video tutorials and DIY courses etc., as well as proposing technical developments for Hello Casto, the brand new DIY voice assistant available in the Castorama app.

Castorama also relies on community members to recruit ambassadors, who are featured in special communications.

All this was rolled out in less than a year, with a simple, agile structure that does not require major human investment. Castorama estimates potential savings of €75,000 on their overall R&D budget over the past year.

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