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Keurig Canada Achieved

$831k in research cost savings within just 10 months

Improves collaboration with retail partners

Identifies white space opportunities in the market


Keurig, pioneer and leader in the single-serve coffee maker segment, uses consumer insight to accelerate product innovation, reduce business risks and improve relationships with retailers.


  • Accelerate innovation
  • De-risk decisions

Business Challenge 

As the leader in the single-serve coffee maker category, Keurig wanted a platform to continuously engage its target consumers. Given the pace of the category, Keurig needed a faster way to turn around consumer-driven decision making.


Coffee Insiders, Keurig’s insight community of 8,000 coffee fanatics, helps all major departments in the company get a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape and identify white space opportunities. By validating ideas with Coffee Insiders, Keurig not only focuses their resources on viable ideas, they avoid potentially costly mistakes. For example, while considering a secondary coffee brand, feedback from the community indicated that the product would just cannibalize Keurig’s existing products, prompting the company to change course. Beyond product innovation, the community delivers actionable insight and data-driven recommendations that Keurig shares with retail partners like Costco, Walmart and Canadian Tire to help close deals faster.

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