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Alida Activate 2021 EMEA Event Brings Together CX Leaders

Leaders of change gather to share and learn about the power of connected experiences

LONDON -- October 7, 2021 -- Alida, a leader in Total Experience Management (TXM), presented its 2021 EMEA edition of the annual Alida Activate event series on October 5, 2021. The virtual Customer Experience (CX) conference featured global brands leading in CX and other innovative experience leaders who are pushing CX innovation and making a difference. Attendees from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa were provided with successful strategies for bringing together the voice of customers and employees to innovate customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.

“Alida Activate is an impactful event which brings together industry champions as they share insights on how to execute innovative CX strategies,” said Ross Wainwright, CEO of Alida. “Learning from one another is the key to an inspired innovation agenda and we are thrilled to be providing a platform where CX professionals can come together to discuss, learn, grow and celebrate one another.”

This year’s conference followed the theme of ‘Celebrating Experience Leaders’ — those who dream of what’s next and do what it takes to get there. The virtual event kicked off with presentations from Wainwright and Alida President of Products, Riaz Raihan, on the exciting future of the CX industry and the power of the TXM approach. The event continued with engaging customer stories from innovative industry leaders from Twitter, PokerStars | Flutter, YOOX Net-a-Porter Group, Chartered Management Institute, Forrester, and ended with our Alida customer award ceremony to celebrate all the amazing CX innovations this year. 

"Alida continues to help us become closer to our customers and ensures insight is at the heart of key business decisions,"  said Susan Britton, Client Insights at Stitch Fix.

Topics included key ingredients for a successful TXM program, steps to demonstrate the extensive value of customer insights, how to implement CX strategies on a global scale, becoming a thought leader with the help of insight communities, how to leverage the power of a holistic 360 view approach to understand your customer, and more.

Alida Delta Awards

Alida also hosted the Alida Delta Awards during the event, which honored the stories and talent of some of Alida’s most innovative customers. The awards recognize the changemakers and pioneers in the experience management and insights world — those whose work is creating.

2021 Award winners include:

  • Twitter - Jessica Percival (Research Analyst at Twitter UK) and Ryan Huff (Sr. Research Analyst at Twitter US)

  • Stitch Fix - Susan Britton (Client Insights)

  • PokerStars I Flutter - Gareth Williams (Insights Community Manager)

  • Kramp - Corjan te Pas (Customer Experience Specialist Digital)

“We are thrilled that Twitter Insiders was selected as one of the Delta Award winners! Having communities with engaged members that we can turn to for quick and custom insights has been a crucial part of our business,” said Ryan Huff, Sr. Research Analyst at Twitter US. “We are grateful for our collaboration with Alida and Sparkler, our research and community management partner, and look forward to accomplishing even more with the communities in the future.”

To watch the on-demand sessions of the Alida Activate 2021 EMEA event, visit

Upcoming Events

Registrations are now open for our Alida Activate international conferences. Come join us!

  • Alida Activate France: October 12, 2021. To learn more and register, please see here.

  • Alida Activate Germany: October 19, 2021. To learn more and register, please see here.

  • Alida Activate APAC: November 30, 2021. Stay tuned for more information.

About Alida

Alida believes in a world where customers are the ultimate source of truth. A world where the best business decisions are those made with customers, not for them. Alida created Alida TXM (Total Experience Management) to fuse the voice of customers and employees with the ability to innovate and deliver extraordinary customer, employee, product, and brand experiences. Iconic brands like Twitter, Toyota, and J. Crew choose Alida, formerly Vision Critical, to build stronger brands, happier workplaces, winning product portfolios, and lasting customer relationships. 

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