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Product Experience

Innovate 10X faster

Deliver better products, faster than competitors, by bringing customers into your development process.

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Roadmaps don't reflect needs

The #1 challenge for product teams is prioritizing a roadmap without sufficient customer insights.1

Products fail without input

70-95% of product introductions fail because they don't meet customer needs.2

Co-innovation drives success

43% of consumers say they’re excited to help brands improve and develop products. 3

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Product experience strategy drives sales growth at Canada’s largest retailer

Canadian Tire tests 5,000+ products each year with an online community of 200,000+ consumers, saving $1.8M over previous research methods. Tested products represent 70% of the company’s sales growth.

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Drive continuous innovation by bringing the customer voice into your product development process

  • Increase product usage by responding to customer needs and motivations
  • Improve existing products to reduce user effort and increase adoption
  • Prioritize your new product and feature roadmap with confidence
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Alida gives you 10X insights, 10X faster for 10X better product experiences

  • Rapidly identify trends and gather requirements with direct, indirect, and inferred data sources
  • Get immediate feedback and high response rates.
  • Validate product concepts and co-innovate with an always-on community of highly engaged users.
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Keep the pulse on your customers


Put customer feedback into context

Act and Acknowledge

Collaborate with engaged customers

The Product Leader’s Guide to Total Experience Management

Learn how to move beyond traditional product research like beta testing and focus groups to understand customer motivations.

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Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.