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Customer Experience

Continually improve customer experiences

Anticipate needs and collaborate with customers to increase their lifetime value and reduce churn.

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Are you listening?

75% of consumers don’t think companies use all the feedback they give them, and 1 in 10 think it’s never used.1

How fast can you act?

87% of organizations can’t take rapid action to solve customer experience issues.2

Customers are ready to help

75% of consumers want to help brands improve the experiences they create.3

1, 3 The Alida 2021 Global Trends Report: Customer Experience
2 McKinsey & Company - Prediction: The future of CX, 2021


"We are enabling a 360 degree view of customer, dealer and employee perceptions on key business topics. The 5 insight communities complement each other, providing a different lens on a subject."

Emma Johnson, Manager of ConsumerOne Connection & Experience Innovation, Toyota GB

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Understand, analyze, and deliver on customer needs based on data, not assumptions

  • Reduce customer effort by recognizing and prioritizing improvement opportunities. 
  • Lower churn rates and call center volume by learning and proactively addressing churn drivers.
  • Increase loyalty by strengthening relationships with your best customers.
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Alida gives you 10X insights, 10X faster for 10X better customer experiences

  • Get rapid, high-response feedback to proactively identify issues and opportunities.
  • Validate and test assumptions with an always-on community of highly engaged customers.
  • Drive continuous innovation by co-creating solutions with your customers.
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Total Experience Management

How to create a CX program that drives innovation

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Alida TXM Empowers Your Entire Organization

Alida TXM brings customer experience professionals, designers, product owners, marketers, and leadership together with your audience at the center. Information flows across teams so you can track feedback and innovate to solve problems.

Total Experience Management

Deliver value at every point in the customer journey.

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Attract, engage, and retain people throughout the employee lifecycle.

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Accelerate product development and improve adoption rates.

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Build trust, earn loyalty, and strengthen brand affinity.

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Alida is a customer experience management and customer insights platform. Collect valuable customer feedback and voice of employee data through your insight community powered by Alida.