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Alida Activate 2023 Inspires Next-Generation CX

Hundreds of industry experts gather to discuss the power of community-centered CX 

TORONTO & VANCOUVER — May 18, 2023 — Alida, a leader in experience management, kicked off its largest annual Alida Activate event series in North America on May 16, 2023. Thousands of CX, marketing, product, and insights professionals gathered at this year's virtual event to hear inspiring keynotes and insightful sessions from speakers including Elisa Chan, Global Head of Research & Beta from Amazon Music, Susie Thomas and Renee Martin from Bally Sports, Natasha Hritzuk from Warner Bros. Discovery, Hannah Crain from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Karen Langford from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Gareth Williams from PokerStars, and Alex Charlton from Verve.

This year, the annual event focused on “The Power of Community-Centered CX.” When advocates of a brand come together in a supportive environment to share feedback, the power of those insights is invaluable. Ross Wainwright, CEO at Alida, and Natasha Hritzuk, VP Global Entertainment Research at Warner Bros. Discovery opened the event by discussing community-centered CX as a driver for impactful business transformation. Later, Riaz Raihan, Alida’s President of Products & Engineering, was joined by Gareth Williams, Insight Community Manager at PokerStars, to discuss how Alida innovation continues to drive revenue and saves costs for PokerStars. Ten more sessions followed throughout the two days including “How communities play an important role in UX,” “Building Brand loyalty by connecting with new audiences,” and more. 

“We were thrilled to bring together such incredible companies this year to share their success stories on how Community-centered CX has become a major differentiator in their businesses,” said Wainwright. “In this current economic climate, companies need fast, efficient, and cost-effective CX programs. Putting a Community at the center of a CX strategy has proven to be this all-in-one solution that also builds meaningful connections with customers and trust over time. Participants are able to engage with their favorite brands as well as each other on an ongoing basis, making their experience that much more meaningful.”

Speakers emphasized that versatility was a key component to the power of a Community. Not only does a Community allow for the smart execution of targeted CX tactics, but it also gives companies the power to gain comprehensive insights into the entire evolution of their customers' experiences. This fully customizable approach to CX opens the door for companies to accomplish their CX goals faster and on their own terms. 

“We love working with Alida. The team is so responsive, so engaged, always willing to take on challenges and it’s been a great partnership and very rewarding for us,” said Natasha Hritzuk, VP Global Entertainment Research at Warner Bros. Discovery. “We’ve gone from one [customer] panel to two [customer] panels, to this broader community of over 200,000 people and Alida is always there with us making it happen.”

Other session topics included how research communities have evolved over time and the role they play in UX, how tapping into hard-to-reach audiences creates better patient experiences, building brand loyalty by connecting with new consumer audiences, and how to maximize the business impact of your research. 

To watch the on-demand sessions of the Alida Activate 2023 North America event,

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