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Alida Introduces Alida TXM Amidst Year of Continuous Innovation

A new approach to customer experience management enabling organizations to optimize customer and employee experiences

TORONTO -- August 10, 2021 -- Alida, a leading disruptor in customer experience management (CXM), today unveiled Alida Total Experience Management (TXM). This new approach allows organizations to fuse the voice of their customers and employees with the ability to deliver extraordinary customer, employee, product and brand experiences.

 “We’re thrilled to give our clients a way to integrate and optimize experiences across their entire business including product innovation, branding and advertising, employee experience and omnichannel customer experience (CX),” said Ross Wainwright, CEO of Alida. “Alida TXM will allow organizations to build stronger brands, develop state-of-the-art products, and create meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their customers.”

Alida TXM enables brands to go beyond traditional Voice of the Customer (VoC) by augmenting their insight efforts, empowering companies to make business decisions with their customers and not for them. The scalability of the Alida TXM platform also plays a crucial role in optimizing CX by providing organizations with the ability to support all of the voices and experiences that matter most. TXM is a continuous and intuitive process that allows brands to uncover pain points and opportunities to understand their customers' truth and reveals the best avenue for building more innovative and optimized experiences. 

“To remain competitive in a rapidly changing market, firms must provide exceptional experiences to attract and retain customers and employees,” said Alan Webber, Program Vice President for Customer Experience, IDC. “Customer intelligence solutions help brands track, understand, align, and innovate with customers. This connection of innovating with customers supports brands in creating products, services, and experiences that are based upon real knowledge of the customer that gives the brand a competitive edge in the market.”

Since the rebrand from Vision Critical to Alida in September of 2020, Alida’s aggressive growth strategy and ambitious product roadmap have been centered around delivering market-leading products in the CX space. Over the past two years, the Alida Product & Engineering team has delivered 123 new product innovations to help companies improve customer, product, employee and brand experiences. Some of Alida’s most popular innovations of the past year include:

  • Alida Sparq: 42 features including enhanced enterprise controls, a mobile app for admins, calendar integration, sample management, instant incentives distribution, quotas, newsletter redesign, and Arabic & Hebrew survey capabilities

  • Alida CXM: Since initial launch in October 2020, Alida has introduced 22 new features including closed-loop CXM, case management, social listening, event-based surveys, and integrations with multiple  CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation and HRIS systems 

  • Alida Surveys: 11 features including QR codes, MaxDiff and conjoint analysis, video feedback and analysis, piping multi-choice options and multilingual text analysis 

  • Alida Touchpoint: 13 new features including digital intercepts on multiple social channels, enhanced analytics & domain-based activity monitoring to improve the customer experience 

  • Alida Analytics: AI-infused configurable dashboards, XD/OD dashboards, time-series survey dashboards and advanced significance testing

  • Alida Industry Solutions: industry solutions for healthcare, technology, financial services, media and retail industry solutions. A DE&I industry solution is coming soon!

  • Alida Integrations: Over 100 new third-party integrations including integration with ERP systems, CRM systems, marketing automation systems, HRIS systems and more.

This year, Alida continues to cement its place as an innovator and key player in the CXM space. Alida has earned numerous recognitions including Fast Company’s 2021 Best Workplaces for Innovators, Comparably’s Best Company Outlook 2021 and Best Companies for Career Growth 2021, and Appealie’s Overall SaaS Award 2020. These accomplishments represent Alida’s commitment to placing innovation and excellent customer experience at the core of its business and culture. 

For more information on Alida TXM, please visit Alida’s blog here.

About Alida

Alida believes in a world where customers are the ultimate source of truth. A world where the best business decisions are those made with customers, not for them. Alida created Alida TXM (Total Experience Management) to fuse the voice of customers and employees with the ability to innovate and deliver extraordinary customer, employee, product and brand experiences. Iconic brands like Twitter, Toyota and J. Crew choose Alida, formerly Vision Critical, to build stronger brands, happier workplaces, winning product portfolios, and lasting customer relationships. 

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