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Customers Continue to Choose Alida to Drive Impactful Product Innovation and User Experiences

Recent clients select Alida as a trusted partner in building closer customer connections 

Toronto — November 8, 2023 — Alida, the pioneer in community-centered experience research, today announced that top global companies including 1Password, Big Lots, Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, Castorama, Dr. Squatch, EverBank, Highmark Health, SEB International, Sunbelt Rentals, and RTL, recently selected its experience management platform to create strategic and competitive user and customer experiences. Most recently, Alida has seen an increase in customers choosing its platform to better scale the product innovation and user experience research process by infusing the voices of end users. 

“In today’s market, keeping an innovative edge can prove difficult. Companies everywhere are expected to produce better experiences with limited resources and less time, often leading to ill-informed customer decisions,” said Ross Wainwright, CEO at Alida. “To effectively de-risk decision-making and create experiences customers will be sure to love, brands must first earn trust from their audiences by focusing on establishing meaningful customer connections. This is the key to driving limitless innovation.” 

UX experts, Christopher Paul, VP, Digital Products Strategy, Design & Delivery, Sunbelt Rentals, and Rob Johnston, CX & UX Senior Research Executive, recently shared how the power of the Alida platform establishes rich relationships with users and greatly improves the speed and quality of insights.

“It’s about building the connective tissue between the end-users in the field and our tech efforts - ensuring we're designing the right thing and reducing the overall risk to the program,” said Paul. “One of the reasons we chose Alida is because of the two-way street associated with the platform. With Alida, when people give us the gift of feedback, we can acknowledge the insight and also speak genuinely about how it will be used. Giving our end-users validation and then connecting that insight to the transformation efforts on the ground, this is the critical bridge Alida has helped bring to our efforts.”

Using Alida’s holistic customer research platform, organizations are empowered to collect both rich qualitative and quantitative feedback from verified and targeted audiences, deeply analyze the data, and take immediate actions to drive user and customer-focused results. International media conglomerate, RTL, recently partnered with Alida to collect instant audience feedback.

“RTL leveraged the Alida platform to create a unique blend of instant feedback and meaningful two-way conversation through a digital audience community,” said Gijs Rademaker, Presentator RTL. “This approach enabled RTL to map the opinions of the general public and comprehensively understand its viewers in the present by building on longitudinal research into specific topics.”

To further support companies in their UX and CX journeys, Alida recently launched enhanced AI-powered capabilities to its product suite focused on supporting brands in accelerating decision-making at scale as part of its Fall 2023 Product Release. In addition to new generative AI-supported text analytics, users also have access to advanced survey scripting, fast rendering dashboards, and more. 

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About Alida

Alida believes in a world where customers are respected as the ultimate source of truth. Because knowing the whole truth about your customers—even the parts that are hard to hear—can help companies make better decisions that drive long-term customer loyalty and growth.

That’s why Alida created its experience management platform—a comprehensive CX solution powered by a highly-engaged, verified, always-on community of your most engaged customers that fuels sustainable business impact. 

Leading brands like HBOMax, Adobe, lululemon and LinkedIn turn their customer truth into action with customer feedback powered by the Alida platform. 

Join us on our mission to put truth into action at and @alidaTXM