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eHealth, Inc. Taps Vision Critical to Uncover Insights that Strengthen the Member Experience

TORONTO & SANTA CLARA - May 28, 2020 - Vision Critical, a continuous customer insights solution provider, today announced that eHealth, Inc., owner of a leading private online health insurance marketplace in the U.S., has selected its Sparq digital insights platform and Touchpoint cloud-based app to uncover customer insights that unlock real-time feedback to build a better member experience, deliver better services, and achieve better business outcomes.

“We selected Touchpoint to support our customer channel acquisition strategy,” said Pollyanna Ma, eHealth’s vice president of product marketing.” We are partnering with Vision Critical to engage current and prospective members in new channels, more frequently, and in more meaningful ways.”

Vision Critical’s Sparq platform helps companies get the richest insights into their customers’ behaviors and attitudes on a regular – and immediate – basis. Sparq helps proactively drive informed actions and better business outcomes based on customer insights, as well as build customer trust and lifetime value by showing customers how their feedback is being applied.

The insights platform also gives brands the power to connect live and virtual experiences with digital customer feedback to inform critical business decisions. Integrating with technologies such as Zoom, brands are able to form an even deeper personal connection with their customers.

Touchpoint is Vision Critical’s new cloud-based application that enables brands to create quick and engaging interactions with broader customer bases while also extending the already deep functionality within the Sparq platform to collect actionable customer insights. The app allows companies to connect with their customers and prospective customers where they spend time already, whether web, eCommerce, social media, or messaging platforms, providing powerful engagement with individuals to collect broad feedback and then recruit them into an insight community through Sparq.

“We look forward to our partnership with eHealth and innovating the customer experience," said Ross Wainwright, CEO of Vision Critical. “Our collaboration exemplifies the respect they have for their members and their focus to offer exceptional health insurance purchasing experiences. This partnership will only accelerate that journey by uncovering invaluable insights that create long-standing outcomes for their entire member and customer bases."

eHealth is also implementing Jumpstart, Vision Critical’s new streamlined onboarding program which provides a fully remote launch experience for customers. The program focuses on empowering new users to launch their services and insight communities in just 5 days. The eHealth community will start with 5000 members and partners, with its biggest current member base among Medicare users.

About Vision Critical

Vision Critical is a continuous customer insights solution provider that enables organizations to drive better business outcomes while ensuring world-class customer journeys. By combining deep insight with broad feedback, Vision Critical empowers some of the most powerful brands in the world to improve customer experience. Over 750 leading brands including BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, and GoDaddy are building better products and fostering customer loyalty with Vision Critical. To learn more about Vision Critical, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or visit us at