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Improving the Patient Experience Just Got Easier

Vision Critical patient experience package is first of many turnkey industry solutions coming soon

TORONTO – April 28, 2020 – Vision Critical, a continuous customer insights solution provider, today introduced a patient experience package of its Sparq digital insights platform for healthcare organizations. The new Sparq patient experience solution provides healthcare organizations with an easy-to-follow industry narrative designed just for them that includes defined steps to take advantage of Vision Critical’s technology and expertise to improve the patient experience. 

“The healthcare system is currently facing an unprecedented need to build confidence with patients and understand their evolving needs. In addition, regulatory pressures, retail-ization, consolidation, and empowered healthcare consumers require a commitment to enhancing the patient experience,” said Ross Wainwright, Vision Critical CEO. “Earning and retaining the confidence, trust, and loyalty of today’s patients requires a deep understanding of their experience and also an ongoing commitment to improving every touchpoint.”

The Vision Critical patient experience solution helps healthcare organizations quickly engage their patient community to learn how to improve their experience with a predefined activity template. Incorporating pulse checks on a patient’s visit to their facilities strengthens other care improvement initiatives already in place and allows healthcare organizations to proactively diagnose opportunities for improvement to their patients’ experiences in real-time. The software’s accompanying healthcare dashboard displays results of each activity, such as an average patient satisfaction score. The current score, as well as the rating over time, is presented to enable patient experience trend identification and tracking.

The patient experience offering is the first of many industry-specific packages Vision Critical will roll out over the coming months to address and simplify improving and personalizing the customer experience in technology, media & entertainment, retail, consumer packaged goods, and financial services.

Healthcare organizations, along with businesses in many different verticals, have seen an increased need to really focus on the experience of the patient or customer throughout their journey. Analysts tracking these trends agree.

"In Seven Ways to Optimize Healthcare CX, August 2018, Forrester analyst Faith Adams writes "Customer expectations for relevant, personal interactions are rising. As CX pros move toward personalization, they must take a person-first approach and understand customer motives. They should showcase the strength of the more personal relationship by demonstrating the benefits to the business."

Today, Vision Critical also announced Touchpoint, a new product that enables brands to create quick and engaging interactions with broader customer bases, as well as improvements to its flagship Sparq digital insights platform, which helps companies get the richest insights into their customers’ behaviors and attitudes on a regular – and immediate – basis. Insight communities created by and managed through Sparq help proactively drive informed actions and better business outcomes based on customer insights, as well as build customer trust and lifetime value by showing customers how their feedback is being applied.

For more information about how Sparq and Vision Critical’s healthcare solution can improve your organization’s patient experience, please visit

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Vision Critical is a continuous customer insights solution provider that enables organizations to drive better business outcomes while ensuring world-class customer journeys. By combining deep customer insight with broad customer feedback, Vision Critical empowers world-class brands to optimize their customer experiences. Over 750 customer-centric brands including BuzzFeed, GoDaddy, and LinkedIn are building better products and fostering customer loyalty with Vision Critical.

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