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Latest Vision Critical Sparq® Customer Insights Platform Helps Brands Excel in Customer Trust

Winter ’20 release highlights the importance of transparency when engaging customers and collecting hard-to-reach data

TORONTO – January 29, 2020 – Vision Critical, a cloud-based CXM SaaS company that specializes in gathering and applying the hardest-to-reach customer experience data and insights, today released its Sparq® Winter ‘20 platform update. The latest release of Sparq makes it easier for brands to have meaningful, transparent interactions with their customers.

Available to all customers today, Sparq’s newest release includes integral features that give customers more control over their data. New Sensitive Data controls, the Power User Role and the Sensitive Data Purge go beyond helping companies stay compliant with regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). They secure access to customer data classified by a company as sensitive, while allowing companies to gather actionable insights through meaningful engagement.

With the addition of a Power User Role, brands can provide broader access to the platform while limiting access to sensitive data. The Power User Role ensures that only designated users utilize the data with easily editable permission levels. The Sensitive Data Purge feature allows Sparq administrators to set specific conditions under which a member's data are fully deleted from the community. This feature ensures brands can easily comply with a member's request to delete their data records, a condition companies must meet under CCPA.

Vision Critical believes that it’s not enough to simply meet data regulations. Brands must choose to go beyond requirements to truly excel in customer trust. Each Sparq release focuses on enhancing a brand’s ability and ease to provide a positive customer experience. The Power User Role and Sensitive Data Purge features provide strong data controls that are critical to the ability to deeply engage customers with trust and transparency.

“CXM is integral to business success for economic, strategic, and technological reasons,” said Riaz Raihan, President of Products of Vision Critical. “The newest updates to the Sparq platform build on a brand's ability to provide a superior experience for their customers. By showing that they are committed to a transparent process to gather insights that go beyond data regulations, brands create a superior customer journey."

Among other new features, the Winter ’20 release also brings two customer-led enhancements, Tableau Integration and Threaded Comment Support. Our Tableau Integration gives administrators the ability to connect both survey and profile data, allowing for more complex data visualizations. This extends data analysis beyond Sparq to give brands a better, deeper understanding of their communities. Support for Threaded Comments provides Hub users the ability to reply directly to comments and share images within a thread, establishing a more effective way to communicate with their customers.

Sparq is a customer insights platform that uncovers actionable customer experience data. Customer attributes like motivation, preference, and beliefs are translated into actionable data points that deliver value and improve customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction. Vision Critical’s unique relationship-based approach progressively profiles the customer at every interaction producing richer, more reliable customer attitude, emotion, intention and preference data to solve common business needs, such as:

● Customer-led creation of new products and revenue streams

● Collection and application of customer experience data in compliance with
GDPR and other privacy regulations

● Reduced customer acquisition and retention costs

● Compressed time-to-market timelines

About Vision Critical

Vision Critical is a cloud-based CXM SaaS company that specializes in gathering and applying the hardest-to-reach customer experience data. Using proprietary technology and processes, Vision Critical is able to deeply engage any audience to increase voluntary customer data capture and apply that data to improve customer experience. With its unique, relationship-based approach, Vision Critical’s Sparq platform enables companies to interact directly with consented audiences of customers. Unlike traditional voice-of-customer methods, Vision Critical unlocks the real-time feedback that companies need to build better products, deliver better services and achieve better business outcomes hand in hand with their own highly engaged, deeply understood customers.

Hundreds of high-performing organizations across multiple industries benefit from Vision Critical’s technology and guidance, including BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, GoDaddy, VMware, and more. To learn more about Vision Critical, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, or visit us at

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