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Put Community at the Center of Your Market and Experience Research Programs

Access core audiences, build meaningful relationships, gather feedback at scale across multiple methods and channels, and dig deep into your data to extract insights that matter.

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Streamlined Audience Management

Deeply understand your audience and continuously and effectively engage with them over time to build a thriving research community that informs your most critical business decisions. 

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Efficient and scalable recruitment

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Always-on access to a diverse group of verified members

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Deep profiling, segmentation, and targeting to confidently reach the right members at the right time

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Activities and incentives to keep members active, engaged, and happy

Modern Research Tools

Leverage a diverse and extensive set of research tools and techniques to meet your audience where they are and obtain rapid quantitative and qualitative feedback at scale.

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Fit-for-purpose tools and activity types

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Efficient and scalable authoring and execution

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Customizable layouts and flexible deployment channels to deliver an excellent respondent experience

AI-Powered Analytics

Generate and analyze insights to inform your strategy and empower confident decision-making. Visualizations, reports, and data hierarchy controls make it easy to build compelling narratives and share with stakeholders to ensure continued program success. 

  • Community composition and health dashboards
  • Trend and behavior analysis 
  • Centralized data repository
  • AI-powered qualitative analysis
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Best-in-Class Technology

The Alida platform provides a streamlined experience designed for effortless administration and seamless integration. Trust that your customer data is secure with the highest level of privacy and governance controls.

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See the power of community-centered research in action.

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Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.