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Alida Summer ‘22 Product Release: Customer Journeys helps improve your customers’ entire experience

Written by Alida

Published July 26, 2022

 Our Q3 release also includes 15 new features to further boost the Alida TXM platform.


The launch of Customer Journeys —a new product that enables users to monitor performance and drivers and identify opportunities at key steps of the customers’ journey— leads Alida’s packed product release for Q3.

Alida’s Summer ‘22 release also includes 15 new features for the Total Experience Management (TXM) platform, including tools to get more granular control and insights and contextualize customer and employee sentiment, as well as ways to create more engaging experiences for Insight Community members and Touchpoint users. In addition, the Q3 release brings tools to save setup time and increase control with our products.



“Today’s release further strengthens Alida’s product portfolio and platform infrastructure, solidifying our place as a leader in the customer experience (CX) industry,” said Riaz Raihan, President of Products & Engineering. “With Alida’s new Customer Journeys, organizations can pinpoint customer feedback for any critical touch point at all critical touch points and monitor performance to deliver better end-to-end experiences.”

Let’s break down this quarter’s product news and enhancements:


1. Understand performance and drivers at key journey steps with Customer Journeys

  • Integrate or collect data using the Alida TXM platform and then monitor metrics for each key engagement between customers and the business
  • Build sophisticated customer journeys, easily view key metrics, and identify areas that need attention 
  • Make informed recommendations to drive end-to-end positive experiences for customers

2. Get more granular control and insights

  • Create configurable dashboards from Touchpoint data and analyze millions of data points on customer feedback and interactions
  • Capture demographic insights of  broader audiences and use the data for personalization and more targeted branded content
  • Use counts from multiple choice questions with additional survey conditions in Surveys and Insight Communities to create advanced survey logic and segments
  • Select a role-based dashboard on the Mobile App as a default report and set up notifications  for relevant metrics changes 
  • Star your most important Surveys and Dashboards in the Mobile App and view them in a new Favorites page

3. Contextualize customer sentiment to better understand customers and employees 

  • Easily interpret open-end responses via Text Analytics with Survey Dashboards' One-click Wizard
  • Identify and manage the root cause(s) behind a given customer sentiment on review sites or social media channels using Social Reviews, now powered by Text Analytics

4. Create more engaging experiences

  • Use new options in Insights Community and Surveys to implement images as the survey background, align headers, change opacity, and more
  • Build more engaging newsletters with Hubs’ controls for branding and design, duplicate newsletters, and assign multiple users to deploy existing newsletters as templates
  • Gain more granular control for Touchpoint activities to improve engagement and increase response rates

5. Save setup time and increase control with easier deployment and administration 

  • Manage large groups of users in the Alida platform with a simple CSV upload without having to individually create users manually
  • Clone reports and their configurations on Surveys to quickly deploy recurring research activities and leverage existing activities as templates
  • Design a curated list of participants on Video Discussions based on filters and send them an automated calendar invite for interviews
  • Utilize the Touchpoint Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable a seamless integration with apps and effortless deployment of Touchpoint activities
  • Get support for multiple languages on the Mobile App, which automatically detects device language and translates all non-user generated content in English, French, Spanish, or German. More languages will be added in the near future

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