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Alida’s Touchpoint helping to break the cycle of poverty through education

Written by Alida

Published November 17, 2022

Alida’s Citizenship program, Alida IMPACT, was created to harness the power of our people and products as a force for good to build a positive impact in the communities where we work. This year has been one of its most exciting years yet with record breaking numbers of volunteers, donations, and a brand new partnership expansion with Pathways to Education. 

Pathways to Education is a national charitable organization breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Their award-winning program is creating positive social change by supporting youth living in low-income communities to overcome barriers to education, graduate from high school, and build the foundation for a successful future. Pathways currently serves over 6.000 students in 31 program locations across Canada. For every dollar invested, Pathways delivers a social return of CAD $24 and in the 2020-21 school year, 69% of Pathways graduates transitioned to post-secondary education or training. 

In 2021, Alida partnered with Pathways through a CAD $20,000 monetary donation to support their various youth programs across the country. Now in 2022, we wanted to grow our partnership to share the power of our Alida technology to spark positive change in our communities. As part of our expanded partnership with Pathways, Alida has proudly donated one free year of our Touchpoint technology, a tool that helps organizations gather customer feedback and context-rich insights through digital channels in real-time.

Technology is a critical enabler of scale for Pathways as they strive to reach more students across the country. Pathways has the in-house expertise to build and maintain tools to help students unlock academic success and access the support and resources they need. Still, Pathways recognizes the importance of involving youth in the technical design process. The habits, trends, preferences, and digital footprint of young people in Canada is constantly changing. Without their input, Pathways risks devoting significant resources toward building tools and technology that are irrelevant, ineffective, or outdated.

Alida’s Touchpoint technology will enable Pathways to gather rich, qualitative insights from youth that can be incorporated into product design and long-term technology planning, as well as help to uncover opportunities for innovative new partnerships and collaboration. This technology is providing Pathways the resources to progress its understanding of how to better engage youth in the future.

“Partnerships are core to the success of Pathways and our alignment with Alida exemplifies how a strong partnership can influence and progress our organizational vision. Alida’s valuable expertise and provision of Touchpoint software will enable us to bring the youth voice directly into the design and development of our technology, helping to ensure we build the tools young people need to succeed. 

- Quinn Bingham, Vice President & Chief Development Officer (Acting CEO)

Pathways to Education Canada


If you’d like to learn more or donate to Pathways to Education, please visit the link here.


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