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How Will Customer Sentiment Affect CX in 2021?

Written by Alida

Published March 11, 2021

We’ve partnered with Crack the Customer Code to bring valuable resources and discussion to the CXM community. Alida was designed for brands that care about listening to the voice of their customer and just as importantly, actioning these insights across their business to make better, more customer-centric decisions, and ultimately drive growth.

Ross Wainwright, CEO of Alida, sat down with Jeannie Walters and Adam Toporek—two of the most recognized and respected names in customer experience—on the Crack the Customer Code podcast to talk about consumer sentiment, how it’s changed since 2020, and how it will affect CX in 2021. Here are some of the top talking points from the podcast.

It’s been a year since the global pandemic shutdowns. When we’re talking about CX, there’s no setting aside the pandemic. As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, it’s crucial for every business to consider what will return to normal and what will remain.

Many business leaders are worried that things won’t go back to normal. Adam and Jeannie share a few interesting stats and opinions that could help you. They discuss useful information to help you gain some valuable insights into the future of CX in the upcoming post-pandemic world.

For example, Alida has an airline client leveraging Alida Sparq to keep a pulse on how the pandemic has affected their customers’ travel intent and preferences. “That idea of understanding consumer preference is so huge right now,” says Adam.

You can have all the data and business intelligence in the world, but if you don’t have a good understanding of your customers, it’s not enough.

The fundamental question every business is faced with now: Which pandemic-driven CX changes are here to stay, and which will return to “normal”? How do companies try to game plan this? How can we think about the trends and guestimate where we’re going to be?

McKinsey & Company dug into this. They look at some big changes in consumer behavior. We know about the flight to digital and omnichannel, but also the shift to value in essentials. Up to 40% of consumers say they will decrease spending on discretionary categories and 76% of consumers changed stores, brands, or the way they shop. People are exploring different brands, different ways of shopping because of necessity.

Ross, Adam, and Jeannie delve into:

  • Which pandemic-driven CX changes are here to stay, and which will return to normal
  • Big changes in consumer behavior
  • Customer mentality and how it’s changed
  • The choices customers now want to have
  • Which industries will go back to normal

Ross and the Alida team believe in a world where the best business decisions are made with customers, not for them. This is more true than ever before. In the face of the pandemic, Ross aligned his global team to help companies uncover and action customer truths to improve experiences and create meaningful relationships. He shares his best practices for turning insights into actionable items. 

Listen to the full episode here: