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Uncover and Action Comprehensive Insights with Flexibility

Written by Alida

Published May 12, 2021

Voice of the customer (VoC) and customer experience (CX) initiatives are becoming more important every day. As customer expectations skyrocket and buying behaviors turn on a dime, companies are tasked with keeping up—something nearly impossible to do without some level of insight into what customers want and are expecting. 

But VoC and CX platforms are often rigid, expecting businesses to fit inside a one-size-fits-all approach. Companies are left paying for features they’re not ready to utilize, or they’re forced into plans bigger than what they need. It can be frustrating—especially for businesses without massive budgets to invest in VoC. 

Alida understands and our flexibility is one of the strengths recognized by our customers, as referenced in Forrester’s report. Alida was among the 12 most significant Customer Feedback Management (CFM) vendors that were included in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q2 2021 evaluation. In this evaluation, Alida was cited as a Contender. We’re excited to be a disruptor in this space as we continue to drive innovation for and with our customers. 

Get Your Copy Now: The Forrester Wave: Customer Feedback Management Platforms,  Q2 2021


Alida provides comprehensive insights with flexibility

In the report, Forrester states: “Alida is a good solution for organizations that want to take a modular approach to building a program. Even though Alida’s strength has traditionally been in supporting communities, reference customers express their excitement and desire to tap into Alida’s new capabilities and enable a more seamless experience between qualitative and quantitative research and measurements. Reference clients note that Alida’s people are great to work with—and they appreciate how flexible the vendor is, allowing them to start small and grow at a comfortable pace—not forcing them to overinvest in features they may not want or be ready for.” 

At Alida, we understand that every customer’s situation is different. Their customer needs and expectations are different, and they deserve a unique experience in collecting and acting on customer insights and information. The way one company implements a CX program might not work for another. That’s why we don’t force our customers into a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer flexible, industry solutions alongside a dedicated team of experts to help find the perfect solution for you and your customers. 

We don’t believe in compromise. Alida is the only global CXM and insight platform that provides brands with the opportunity to collect broad feedback and deep insights, all with the flexibility to enable companies to improve customer experience with CX programs that meet their unique complex needs. 

Alida’s CXM & Insights Platform provides a comprehensive solution set that is flexible and modular to meet our customers where they are. Included in the platform are closed-loop CXM capabilities including diverse feedback collection tools and numerous ways to action the feedback along with analytics that help identify trends and keep a pulse on customer sentiment and behavior. 

In addition, brands that want to focus on the Voice of Employee (VoE) need look no further than Alida for a comprehensive look at how both customers and employees interact and engage with the company and its products.With a mix of approaches to collecting and acting on customer insights, the Alida platform can be customized to help customers reach their individual success goals.


Alida named a contender  The Forrester Wave: Customer Feedback Management Platforms Read the Report