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Collect actionable feedback across digital customer journeys in real time.

Each visit by a customer or prospect to your digital channel is an opportunity to start a dialog. Never let a captive audience go to waste by missing the chance to thoughtfully connect and learn more about them. Deliver meaningful and personalized experiences to engage in real-time, capture customer insights, and put those insights into action.

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Unlock Customer Insights.

Deploy Touchpoint by Alida to connect your organization to the customer and capture feedback, customer intelligence, and context-rich insights across digital channels. Armed with this data, you can act to deliver experiences that are responsive, delightful, enhance brand loyalty, and ultimately grow your business.


Influence ROI.

Drive marketing personalization and customer loyalty programs

Improve your understanding of customers by leveraging Touchpoint to capture zero-party data to create a complete view of your customer. Capture actionable data across multiple sessions and build progressive customer profiles for personalizing offers and experiences.

Real-time insights for enhanced user engagement

Gain real-time user insights by personalizing website or app engagement. Prioritize data-driven improvements to optimize UX, usability, and conversion metrics by capturing feedback on Customer Effort Score, goal completion, post-purchase behavior and more. Track these metrics over time to measure feedback-driven improvements.

Drive conversions

Touchpoint’s context-rich targeting and personalization capabilities can guide customers towards a desired action, whether it's signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or completing another important conversion goal. By delivering tailored experiences based on customer criteria and attributes, organizations can improve engagement and drive conversions that align with their business objectives.

Keep a pulse on satisfaction and advocacy

Keep a consistent measure of customer satisfaction by deploying Touchpoint across all digital channels and meeting your customers wherever they are. Track changes over time and map it to other metrics such as customer retention and CLV for a holistic view of the performance of your business.

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Touchpoint features.

Drive personalization

Broad audience reach

Contextual feedback collection

Customizable Calls-To-Action

Flexible digital deployment

Dashboard & analytics

Value at every point on the customer journey

Target customers based on their demographics and behavior to capture quick hits of zero-party data.

Build a contextual view of customer demographics, psychographics, and behavioral information to generate a progressive profile of customers across multiple sessions.

Activate this data across your tech stack to deliver personalized offers and experiences, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Engage with customers on their turf

Embed Touchpoint activities on on your app, social media, or websites, and broaden the reach to your entire digital audience.

Understand the most effective methods to engage with your audience by deploying multiple activities on various digital channels.


Condition-based targeting and feedback collection 

Personalize engagement by targeting specific segments based on user attributes such as tiers, demographics, purchase history and more.

Use question branching to personalize activity flow depending on the needs of the target segment.

Gain quick insights on preference data, augment persona data, customer satisfaction, product satisfaction and more.


Drive specific Calls-To-Action for targeted segments

Go beyond feedback by leveraging Calls to action (CTAs) that drive strategic actions such as signing up for a promotion, driving to a purchase page, redirecting to a new website, and more.

Ask pre-qualifying questions before presenting a CTA to audiences to hone in on your target customers


Accelerate time-to-value through low-code deployment on all digital channels

Seamlessly integrate Touchpoint with your website and app using minimal development effort. Deploy Touchpoint activities in your website or app with a click of a button and zero reliance on IT teams.


Gain end-to-end visibility into key performance metrics

Track key metrics such as views, starts, completes, redirects, emails collected, and NPS scores for real-time visibility into critical customer insights and trends.

Monitor customer engagement metrics over time and across digital channels to inform your engagement strategy. 

Integrate with your existing tech stack ranging from analytics, CRM, and BI tools through enterprise-grade APIs.


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