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The Alida

The Community Difference 

To stay competitive, build lasting relationships, and drive business value, companies need a research and insights platform that delivers fast and reliable customer feedback at scale.

Alida’s community-centered approach to research delivers:

  • Access & Quality
    Always-on access to opted-in sample with 25-60% response rates.
  • Speed
    Recruit and iterate faster, remain agile, improve speed to insight.
  • Scale
    Test and validate with representative audiences without constraints.
  • Operational Efficiency
    Break down data silos, consolidate research activities, and reduce cost.
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A Single Platform to Support Every Phase of Your Research Program

Audience Management

Audience Management

Access audiences that matter most & build meaningful relationships.

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Feedback & Research

Gather feedback at scale across multiple methods and channels.

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Dig deep into your data to extract insights that matter.

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One Platform. Limitless Potential.

Democratize research across your organization with a single platform for all teams. From recruitment to building and executing activities, to analyzing and sharing results with key stakeholders - Alida’s centralized research platform has you covered.

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We get a lot of emotional responses from customers. Panelists feel it is very meaningful that they can share their insights. They know and value that a real person is reading the verbatims and open ends.

~ Sofia Gomez Garcia
Executive Director of Innovation


UX & Product Teams

Understand user behaviors, needs, and pains to inform product design/development and ensure what you build meets customer expectations.

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Our executives need to maximize programs and know the what, why and interest level of key loyal segments. The community gives us a direct channel to consumers...

~ Rhian Foley
Manager of Customer Research

Canadian Tire-1


Confidently recruit, segment, and engage with the audiences that matter most using the tools and methodologies that fit the needs of your program. 

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As a customer focused company, we work together with our members to better understand their experiences, needs and challenges so we can consistently deliver value in the innovation and solutions we create for their businesses and industries...

ARC Research Ops Team

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Research Operations

Streamline execution, scalability, and governance of research programs and ensure every team has the data they need to make informed decisions.

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The Most Innovative Brands Use Alida

176 million people globally have shared their insights through Alida's Community Platform to inform over 60,000 customer  experiences and initiatives.

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See the power of community-centered research in action

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Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.