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Alida IntegrationsEven Better, Together

Break down application and data silos and increase the power of your customer data


Add Context and Value across Your Business Applications

Most organizations possess an abundance of customer data captured through scores of business applications. But even with all this data, many of them grapple with two challenges: data silos due to disparate systems, and data blind spots, stemming from the lack of understanding behind the whys of customer data. Most brands do a notable job of collecting basic, demographic, firmographic and even transactional customer data. Garnering customer attitudinal data that uncover deep insights is where many organizations struggle.
The Alida CXM and Insights platform solves for both.

Achieve Greater Outcomes through Integration

Seamlessly Integrate

Alida products integrate with your ecosystem of business applications and data sources to break down application and data silos.

Eliminate Data Blind Spots

Eliminate blind spots by connecting your primary data sources to the Alida CXM and insights platform and augment existing data with rich customer attributes like motivation, preferences, and beliefs.

Share Enriched Customer Data

Share the enriched customer data across systems like your CRM, data lake or data platform in real time to empower your front-line teams, executives, and data scientists to make faster and more confident decisions.


See Truth in Action

Whether you are looking to maximize ROI from marketing initiatives or elevate the experience of hundreds of thousands of your customers across touchpoints, integrations with the Alida CXM and insights platform can accelerate the value of your customer data.


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One platform, unlimited possibilities

Combine the power of Alida Sparq with a rich ecosystem of solutions so you can engage the right members, at the right time, with the right activity.

Now you can set up self-service integrations from our App Center for managing, surveying, and augmenting activities with your other systems like Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and more.


Efficiently book time slots with community members to discuss key initiatives


Capture the collective wisdom of your Alida Sparq community to predict market trends and test new product ideas.


Utilize facial coding tools to unlock deep emotions insights with your Alida Sparq community.


Track and gain insights in how your Alida Sparq members are engaging with your Member Hub content.


Track and report Alida Sparq member activity from your Member Hub.


Track and gain insights in how your community members are engaging with your Member Hub content.


Communicate directly with your members in your hubs.


Track engagement and automate marketing campaigns based on interactions in your member hub.


Conduct real-time quali-quant research with existing community members to uncover agile, actionable insights.


Combine the power of Alida Sparq and Salesforce to understand your customer on a deeper level and action their feedback.


Setup Alida Sparq as a service provider within an organization’s ecosystem of business applications.

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Engage your Alida Sparq community with Alchemer's robust survey and analysis capabilities.


Create visualizations and dashboards from survey and/or profile variable data using Tableau's Web Data Connector.


Use Twitter's reporting capabilities to improve campaigns based on interactions tracked in your member hub.


Get actionable user experience insights at scale.


Let your members leave a message in your Member Hub using the Zendesk chat plugin.


Automatically reward insight community members in Alida Sparq activities with online gift codes and other digital rewards.

Transform your customer experience with deep insight and broad feedback

Collect meaningful and actionable customer insights to help you deliver differentiated and innovative experiences.