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Cvent Achieved

Improved product usability on an average between 10-17%

Actionable data in less time Less than 2 weeks vs. 4 or more

Customer participation in reseach and design process


Cvent is a global leading meetings, events, and hospitality technology provider with 4,800+ employees and 21,000+ customers worldwide. Cvent solutions optimize the entire event management value chain and have enabled clients around the world to manage millions of in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings and events. 

Looking to improve their user experience, Cvent came to Alida for a better way to connect with customers to co-design and evolve their current SaaS platform into one cohesive, easy-to-use, powerful platform. Through Alida, Cvent's User Experience Research team launched its UX Research Panel in 2018 with a focus on empowering its UX Designers and Product Management team. This lead to powerful and insightful decision making based on real-time customer feedback to improve and infuse  the agile design process with user-led insights.  


  • Improve product usability
  • Improve research turnaround time
  • Improve customer involvement in design iterations

Business Challenge

As a global-leading event and hospitality technology company, Cvent's SaaS platform offers a robust portfolio of solutions that have evolved and expanded over the years through both organic software development and strategic acquisitions. To improve the user experience, Cvent was looking for a better way to design and integrate these solutions into one cohesive, easy-to-use, powerful platform.

A study done in 2023 found that event planners have the third-most stressful job in the world. In order to develop the best products to help these busy professionals, a panel of event technology users was needed to expedite informed research to enable data-driven product decisions. However, given the high demand and high stress nature of the event planner role, engaging them to participate in research interviews was a challenge. 

Despite this challenge, Cvent recognized the importance of developing a community that provides relevant insights and opportunities based on the event professionals' unique product needs to better support continued product innovation.


With the help of Alida, Cvent's User Experience Research team launched its UX Research Panel in 2018 to empower UX Designers and Product Management to make informed decisions based on real-time customer feedback. Users are encouraged to participate in studies based on their product usage; they receive sneak peeks in the early design phases and have an active hand in helping shape the overall product experience.

Usability insights data is shared with Product Management and Development teams throughout the agile process, improving Cvent’s confidence in product and development decisions. Teams can develop a solution, test it, refine it based on feedback, and go back to the panel to ensure the product is still consistent with customer expectations; ensuring customers feel heard and involved in creating the products they use every day.

Since launching the program, Cvent's User Experience team has continued to grow, and the volume of research being conducted and shared within the organization has expanded significantly. In the near future, the team hopes to expand into other business areas for deeper insights and add more users to the panel to represent more of Cvent's robust portfolio of products.

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