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CPG SOLUTION Transform Product Experience

Directly interact with thousands of customers to enhance loyalty and deliver personalized experiences and products across every channel and touchpoint.


Why CPG Brands Choose Alida


Enhance Customer Experience

Sell experiences, not just products, that resonate with key customer segments


Optimize Marketing & Advertising

Use audience segmentation and targeting to improve messaging


Innovate and Co-Create Products

Customer-centric development of goods and packaging


Increase & Defend Shelf Space

Increase & Defend Shelf Space+Find insights to bring value to retailers in order to increase and defend shelf space

You're in Good Company

Are You Prepared to Partner with Your Customers?


Companies that excel customer experience grow revenues 4%-8% above their market.


That’s because a superior experience earns stronger loyalty, turning customers into promoters with a lifetime value 6 to 14 times that of detractors.

*Survey results from Bain & Company, the five disciplines of customer experience leaders

Deliver Actionable Insight on Evolving Consumer Preferences

Red Bull’s Shopper Insights team uses their Alida Sparq digital insight community to help internal stakeholders and retail partners better understand shopper behavior.

The Alida Difference for CPG Brands

With our unique, relationship-based approach, the Alida Sparq platform enables CPG brands to:

Access hard-to-engage customers

Directly interact with thousands of customers in a secure online community, on demand, at scale, and in full compliance with regulatory requirements like GDPR and CCPA.

Collect continuous customer insights

Combine deep customer insight and broad customer feedback to make data-driven decisions in hours rather than days or weeks.

Provide context for existing discrete/siloed data

Connect feedback to existing system of records and identify actionable ways to personalize and customize.

Align decision making around the customer

Create an open, centralized and secure space so historical customer insights are available to decision-makers when they need them.

“By utilizing our Cabot Insiders insight community we were able to maintain shelf space in the highly competitive yogurt category in one of our key retailers. The speed of results along with the direct communication to consumers and their affinity to the Cabot brand helped make our case and save our shelf space. There are many opportunities to help drive our business forward with this agile insight.”


Customer Insights from Alida Sparq Help You:

Improve Satisfaction

Diagnose sources of dissatisfaction and align action with better understood customer segments.

Kimberly-Clark has improved customer loyalty by encouraging a two-way dialogue between the company and consumers.

Accelerate Innovation

Co-create and test products and concepts with highly engaged, understood customers.

Carman’s has increased insights gathered to influence product decisions by 950% in less than one year.

Effective Marketing

Validate campaigns with customers before going to market.

After working with their digital insight community to optimize the campaign, “Unleash the Golden Crumpet” became one of the most successful TV commercials Tip Top has ever had, delivering $3.6 million in incremental unit sales.

Increase Revenue

Align relevant services and offers to better-understood customer segments.

Red Bull saw 4% growth in a competitive, mature category.

Secure & Compliant for CPG

Our many customers within the CPG industry rely on Alida because of our dedication to their data security and privacy needs and the controls we have in place to support them including:


GDPR Ready


CCPA Ready


SOC2 Compliant

Security Data Sheet

Directly Interact with Your Customers to Transform the Customer Experience

Impact your CPG organization by using Alida Sparq to collect meaningful customer insights and guidance that can’t be obtained anywhere else.