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Customer Survey Software

Drive Better Business Outcomes With Broad Customer Feedback.

Learn about your customers and employees with this rich, intuitive ad hoc solution to help you drive better business strategies, experiences and product innovation.

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Gather actionable insights from your customers with our survey software to execute with complete confidence.

Customer preferences are changing faster than ever - Surveys is an effective tool to engage and uncover these changes with the added benefit of context and analytics.


Turn customer feedback into actionable data.

Accelerate Time-to-Insight

Surveys is a powerful self-serve tool that is endlessly scalable by providing unlimited survey responses without the need for upgrades or hidden pricing. Gather deep insights without putting your budget at risk. With Surveys, you are not penalized for your success.

Explore The “Why” of Customer Insights

Understand the motivations behind customer insights through qualitative and quantitative analysis, and dive deeper to uncover context through a suite of analytical tools like text and sentiment analysis.

Experience World Class Support

Each Surveys customer has a dedicated, responsive customer success manager who provides guidance on best practices for engagement developed over 20 years in the customer insights business.

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Customer survey platform features.


Reporting & analysis

Text & sentiment analysis

Security and compliance

Drive meaningful engagement to uncover deep truths

  • Launch interactive surveys on any device and in multiple languages.
  • Shorten the time to collect actionable data by using our activity templates or by customizing and building your brand’s own template library. 
  • Leverage advanced methodologies and capabilities such as conjoint analysis, maxdiff, and digital sampling within our easy-to-use tool.
  • Build advanced survey logic and question flows based on multiple attributes such as customer demographics, device types, and more.

Reveal patterns and trends 

  • Advanced reporting and analysis capabilities reveal context and trends in customer insights.
  • Apply advanced tools for critical insight on customer segments .
  • Create and share reports or export in various formats for fast, in-depth analyses.

Gain hidden insights from open ends

  • Star responses to save memorable text for later reporting .
  • Tag and categorize responses through artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Generate positive, negative, neutral, or mixed sentiment automatically.
Text Analysis

Deploy with confidence 

  • Delivered as a cloud-based, multi-tenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) application accessed by respondents via a web browser. 
  • No software or add-ons are installed on computers. 
  • ISO compliant, and GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA ready surveys that also host survey data in localized servers.

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