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Twitch achieved

4 weeks saved for each research project

200% YOY increase in audience insights delivered to partners

Leverages insights to break into new categories


Twitch is the leading social video service and community for gamers, where tens of millions of people come together each day to interact around live content. The company engages thousands of opted-in gamers to deliver a better user experience and help partners drive ROI.


  • Drive revenue growth
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A pioneer in live-streaming, Twitch was working with partners who were new to the gaming space and were eager to better understand the attitudes of millennial and Gen Z gamers. Twitch’s goal was to help partners realize ROI by creating campaigns that reflected the language and lifestyle of its audience.

Traditional solutions, including third-party agencies, did not provide the speed or accuracy the company needed. Given the volume of research Twitch needed to do, outsourcing every project would have been expensive.

More crucially, the company’s audience typically did not want to share data. To open a two-way conversation with tech-savvy gamers, Twitch needed a way to engage them in an authentic and transparent way.


Twitch Research Power Group (RPG) is a digital insight community of 50,000 gamers and broadcasters who have opted in to provide ongoing feedback. Their community is powered by Alida, hosted on AWS. 

The digital insight community allows Twitch to gather insight in a structured and scalable way. In one example, a CPG partner engaged the community to test iterations of a campaign, resulting in creative and messaging that resonated with Twitch’s audience and stayed true to the client’s brand. In another instance, a tech company leveraged RPG to tie on-site and online data sets, leading to better insights on the ROI of their promotions with Twitch.

API integrations allow the company to link RPG activities to user behavior. This results in a more authentic experience, ensuring that members get only the activities relevant to them.

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"Twitch RPG brings our Creators First philosophy to life. Insights from the community help us deliver more value to our partners."

Jim Tully

Director of Data and Analytics

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