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Alida Strengthens Relationships Between Customers and Brands With New Mobile Capabilities

Spring 2023 release enhances TXM platform to help organizations gather richer in-moment feedback


TORONTO — April 25, 2023 — Alida, a leader in experience management, today introduced new innovative capabilities in the Spring 2023 product release of its industry-leading Total Experience Management (TXM) platform. The enhancements, including new mobile feedback capabilities, help organizations build stronger connections with hard-to-reach customers through channels that best suit their needs. 

“Consumer needs are changing faster than ever before. If organizations want to keep pace, they need to leverage CX tools that meet customers where they are,” said Riaz Raihan, President of Products & Engineering, Alida. “Today’s release unlocks new and timely ways to engage with consumers, allowing organizations to take action faster on in-moment customer feedback to make impactful business decisions.”

The Spring 2023 product release provides Alida’s customers with the ability to:


Seamlessly engage with community members through a new mobile app 

  • Broaden their reach and stay top of mind with community members. Enable them to engage whenever they want, wherever they are, on their mobile device.

  • Ensure respondents & community members can answer Quick Polls and provide feedback on content, such as product prototypes and visuals, just as easily with the mobile app as they would on a desktop.


Give your mobile app reviews context in the overall customer journey thanks to new social listening capabilities

  • Track what people think of your mobile apps so you can remove friction and increase usage.

  • Overlay feedback from other sources, such as community panels and surveys, so you can understand app reviews in context of the end-to-end customer experience.

  • Connect the dots between mobile app reviews and customer satisfaction, referrals, subscriptions, spending, etc. to demonstrate measurable impact of app improvements on your overall business performance. 

  • Integrate with Alida’s comprehensive Social Review suite to monitor and analyze feedback from multiple app review platforms, as well as user reviews of your products and different locations of your brick-and-mortar business, all in one dashboard. 

  • Integrate with your workflows to respond to reviews quickly,  get more information, address support issues, and make sure customers feel heard.


Increase engagement over time through enhancements to multi-channel surveys

  • Embed surveys in your mobile app, mobile website, or any mobile device used by your customers, partners, or employees so they’re easily accessible within the user flow.

  • Improve response rates and feedback quality on your digital channels by personalizing questions for different segments and setting a cap for survey frequency.

  • Tailor follow-up questions based on customer behaviors and responses, spreading questions out across multiple sessions so they don’t overload users.

  • Reach mobile-first Community segments faster via SMS-based activities

  • Increased transparency on quota usage for SMS-based surveys to better plan campaigns and avoid overburdening respondents.

Achieve greater control over survey design and analysis to gain new insights and communicate results faster

  • Elevate your decision making with Analytics dashboards that enables real-time streaming of multiple data sources.


For more information on Alida’s products and how they can help your organization uncover and action your customers’ truth, visit


About Alida

Alida believes in a world where customers are respected as the ultimate source of truth. Because knowing the whole truth about your customers—even the parts that are hard to hear—can help companies make better decisions that drive long-term customer loyalty and growth. 

That’s why Alida created its Total Experience Management Platform; a comprehensive CX solution powered by a highly-engaged, verified, always-on community of your most engaged customers that fuels sustainable business impact. 

With Alida, innovative companies like HBOMax, Adobe, Lululemon, and LinkedIn can anticipate their customers' ever-evolving needs to make better decisions, build long-term relationships, and grow businesses that stand the test of time. 

Over 176 million people globally have used Alida's Total Experience platform to inform over 60,000 customer experiences initiatives.

Join us on our mission to put truth into action at and @alidaTXM