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9 actionable studies in just 2.5 months

Improved strategy for their customer community

Optimized migration process for customers to BMO systems


In 2022, Bank of the West began setting up a consumer community, with the goal of enabling an agile way to test and validate customer experience opportunities across various customer journeys. In early 2023, Bank of the West was acquired by BMO. Community goals quickly shifted to a highly urgent need to inform and support customer conversion activities.  

With an expedited timeline and immediate need to tap into customer feedback to appropriately plan, optimize, and communicate a roadmap, the community became part of integration planning and customer transition workflows. As a result, the internal team supporting the community accelerated the development, activation, and recruiting processes to achieve a membership of over 3,800 customers and 9 completed projects over three and a half months.


  • Streamline customer communications to ensure successful migration to BMO sytems
  • Communicate new challenges with empathy and understanding
  • Help Bank of the West customers understand the BMO digital experience

Business Challenge

With an urgency to solidify a customer transition plan, the team moved quickly to understand ways the community could support various teams across the business while undergoing a major acquisition. 

“Top of our minds was the question ‘what will the digital experiences look like?’. We knew we needed to implement certain activities immediately,” Igor Diner, Customer Experience Insights Manager, said. The focus of the team was to understand the impact and experience of customers while they transitioned from Bank of the West to BMO.


The team focused on testing various conversion-related communication and simulating the digital touchpoints customers would experience as part of this change. Doing so was important to identify points of friction or confusion within the process. They launched 9 studies over two and a half months on tactical changes customers would see, such as:

  • Integration communications 
  • BMO Digital Banking website and app first-time login and navigation experience
  • Password reset journey simulation (self-service and via the Contact Center)

The surveys were purposeful and led customers through a specific journey with steps and segmented groups to test different pathways. Feedback was sent to Strategy, Digital and Contact Center teams to improve design, content, and processes. The team worked quickly to gather insights that would directly impact decisions while planning was in active development. The team's efforts were instrumental to ensure a smooth customer transition.


The feedback program, aimed at addressing customer switchover to BMO, has had a broad impact on BMO's communications strategies and Digital enhancements. The insights have influenced the team's understanding of customer expectations in the Digital Banking portal and areas for improvement, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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