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Customer Journey Software

Understand performance drivers overall and at key journey steps.

With our customer journey software, you can see your customer’s and employee’s journey performance to quickly identify opportunities to improve experiences and business results.

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Maximize the results of your CX and EX programs with journey mapping.

Journeys are multichannel and multitouch, generating fragmented information that is hard to contextualize. Customer Journeys integrates data from Alida and third-party sources into a flow diagram so that you have a snapshot of your journey’s key metrics in a unified dashboard. Easily identify areas that need attention, prioritize initiatives and share accountability with other stakeholders to deliver consistent and satisfying experiences in all touchpoints to offer a better end-to-end experience.


Align and monitor each KPI with your company's strategic objectives.

Every step of the journey and every interaction with your brand contributes to the overall experience. Alida helps you hone in on underperforming areas where negative experiences are common, and confidently make improvements that will affect multiple parts of the journey.


Customer Journeys Capabilities.

Visualize end-to-end journey performance

Understand key performance drivers with analytics

Visualize end-to-end journey performance

A unified dashboard clearly points out areas that need attention. Flow diagrams can be as sophisticated as your most complex journey. Yet, flows are very simple to build and each metric is easy to set.


Understand key performance drivers with analytics

Use customer journey analytics to drill down into details to understand the driver of a key metric and check trends. Capture customer sentiment for deeper insights and  share reports with your colleagues by adding Analytics by Alida.


Get more from your Alida investment.

Because Customer Journeys is fully integrated with Surveys, Touchpoint, and Custom Data Sources, you can see how all of your insights can come together and improve your CX and EX program effectiveness. 


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