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AIA Singapore Achieved

+7 NPS score

23% increase in adoption of insights in projects

33% faster in delivering actionable insights


As a leading insurer, AIA has served the Singapore community since 1931. AIA’s brand promise is to enable people to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives, to help them achieve their health and financial aspirations. By placing customers at the heart of their decision-making, AIA has been able to provide compelling products and services that meet the needs of a changing market.


  • Deep insights of customer needs to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Deliver customer-centric products and services that drive growth
AIA Singapore business challenge

Business Challenge 

The customer voice is becoming more important than ever. To provide more compelling propositions that would support customer’ health and financial goals, AIA Singapore needed to gain a deeper understanding of their evolving needs, preferences, and motivations.

Analyzing internal customer data is not sufficient to capture and anticipate the evolving needs of customers. In addition, tailored engagements with leading market research companies take time to complete and deliver actionable insights. There is a need for a scalable and sustainable solution—to ask the right questions to the right customers at the right time.


AIA tapped into their own customer base and built AIA360 Customer Community using the Alida platform to gather and deliver customer insights with speed. With the platform, the team was able to conduct targeted and ad-hoc surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews with members of the AIA360 Customer Community. This has helped the company make more informed business decisions.

The feedback from the AIA360 Customer Community has helped to optimize customer marketing campaigns. During the initial concept development process as well as throughout the campaign, the team was able to test out the product messaging, offers, and design with community members. For example, in the company’s recent AIA Kids Education campaign, community members played a pivotal role in shaping the campaign messaging and unique selling points. 

Insights from the AIA360 Customer Community have also supported the Brands team to better understand customers’ perception of AIA sub-brands and develop plans for greater alignment to values and pillars of the master brand.

In addition to marketing and brand support, community members were also engaged in co-creating and testing user journey experiences on their digital platforms.


By tapping into their customer community, AIA has become more agile in uncovering customer insights which are used in the formulation and development of products, services, and digital experiences. On average, the time taken to deliver actionable insights was shortened by a third. The company’s NPS also improved by 7 points.

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