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Customer Story

AXA Philippines

How AXA Philippines innovates in line with customer needs


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AXA Philippines Achieved

160% increase in share of wallet for community members

3x increase in CSAT

42% drop in customer inquiry calls


AXA Philippines, one of the country’s top insurance providers, enhanced their business model to support agile, customer-centric decision making. In order to gain real-time feedback from customers, AXA Philippines established MyAXA Cafe, an online community focused on two-way customer conversations.


  • Customer experience
  • Product innovation
  • Marketing effectiveness

Business Challenge 

As insurance is typically a low engagement category, AXA Philippines wanted a deeper understanding of customer perceptions, attitudes and emotions towards insurance and related purchases. In order to deliver better solutions and experiences that appeal to their rapidly evolving consumer market, AXA Philippines recognised the need to build customer relationships that deepen over time.


Today, MyAXA Cafe not only supports ongoing, two-way dialogue with customers, but also enables AXA Philippines to validate potential solutions and services in a safe and closed environment before market launch. 


MyAXA Cafe has now become the compass that directs decision making processes within AXA Philippines across multiple departments. Stakeholders are using it as a first step, prior to business decisions.

In one example, AXA Philippines worked with customers to fine-tune the AXA customer portal. By prioritizing features outlined by customers, AXA Philippines successfully cut customer inquiry calls by 42 percent, increased application downloads by 2.5 times and more than doubled usage rates.

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