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Best Practices for Financial Services Surveys during COVID-19

Written by Alida

Published May 21, 2020

Amidst the global COVID-19 crisis, financial organizations big and small are struggling to keep up with changing circumstances and are preparing for what comes next. Keeping communication channels open for two-way conversations with customers is pivotal in maintaining relationships while also enabling organizations to listen and adapt to their customers’ changing outlook, actions, and brand satisfaction during the pandemic. 

Though we can’t predict the future, we have created and refined best practices that can be implemented to maintain customer loyalty and collect feedback in a way that is empathetic, authentic, and respectful of your customers’ current situation. This expertise is validated by over a million customers who provide continuous feedback to over 750+ organizations across the globe.

Our survey best practices can be utilized with customers for posterity during future times of crisis or change, as well as with employees to better understand and meet their needs during this tumultuous period. 

Financial Services Survey Activity Invite Recommendations

Subject Line Recommended Language:

  • Checking in
  • Give us a glimpse into your world
  • Tell us—how are you doing now?


  • We are reaching out because we want to know how you are coping and what we can do to help. If you have time, we’d love to hear from you.
  • We want to ensure we are providing what our customers require right now. We’d appreciate you taking the time to tell us how you are approaching your [finances/investments]. Take care!

Provide Resources:

  • Utilize the Access to Resources question below to determine specific resources customers are interested in accessing immediately.
  • Provide those resources (via links) at the Resource Delivery question. 

Share Back:

  • Craft a share back for customers focusing on those who are doing good.
  • The Best In Class question provides an opportunity to share positive stories about how businesses are assisting communities.
  • Distribute results to your organization to aid decisions regarding brand communications and strategy.


  • Deploy the survey at regular intervals to track changes in perceptions.
  • Results can be leveraged to understand what customers’ comfort level with visiting branch locations is increasing. 

Sample Questions:



Financial circumstances may have changed dramatically for you recently. What would you say are your top three financial priorities today?


How satisfied are you with our performance on the following elements during the crisis?

[COLUMNS] Very satisfied, Somewhat satisfied, Not at all satisfied, Not applicable

[ROWS] [Banker/Advisor] responsiveness, Call center responsiveness, Availability of necessary services online/via app, Options

made available for personal finances, Options made available to businesses, Online services, Communications regarding branch

hours/closures, Empathy shown by our employees

What types of resources would be most helpful for us to provide to you during this time?


You said you were interested in resources on the following topics. We can direct you to resources on these topics at the end of this survey. Please select the items you are interested in accessing later.


If a branch near you were open today, how comfortable would you be visiting in-person?

Very comfortable, Somewhat comfortable, Somewhat uncomfortable, Very uncomfortable

We’re going to get a little personal now, feel free to skip any questions you don’t want to answer. What steps have you taken regarding your personal finances since the pandemic began?

Applied for credit/increased credit limit, Borrowed money, Postponed major purchases, Postponed minor purchases, Saved more, Spent less, Submitted application for mortgage deferral, Other (specify):

What financial impacts have you or other members of your household faced during this pandemic?

Closure of a business you own; Decline in stocks/investments value; Inability to work due to quarantine; Increased healthcare costs; Layoff, furlough, or job loss; Loss of health insurance coverage; Reduction in hours at job; Other (specify):

Let’s end on a high note. Organizations around the world are stepping up to provide for those in need during this time. We’d love to hear from you about an organization that has gone above and beyond, at the local or national level. We’ll be sharing what we hear back with the community!


Finally, here are the resources you requested earlier. Please reach out to us via [communication channel] if you have any additional questions.


Need more support? Reach out to the Alida team. 

Alida customers can also access a downloadable template with additional survey questions that can be directly uploaded into Alida Sparq via the knowledge base.