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For the last 75 years, Chartered Management Institute has worked with businesses and educational institutions turning accidental managers into conscious leaders. They have over 160,000 members and operate nationwide with over 700 training partners.


  • Establish brand in new market
  • Identify and understand new target audience
  • Develop market specific products.
CMI business challenge

Business Challenge 

As the professional body for managers and leaders in the UK, CMI is keen to ensure the voice of its membership is heard in public discourse. The organisation aims to encourage conversations between its members and the wider society as well as the government and other key stakeholders.

Historically, polling to understand the perspective of their membership community had only taken place on a six-monthly basis. With the onset of the pandemic and significant disruption in the world of work, CMI needed a way to increase the frequency of collecting evidence and opinions from their membership community.


To achieve that aim, CMI created their insight community “Managers Voice.” By asking their organisation’s members to join, Managers Voice now boasts nearly 4,000 active members, who get asked about their opinions and pain points on a regular basis. To date, over 40 surveys have been completed through the insight community. This has helped to illustrate some of the major challenges managers have faced since the pandemic including the move to working from home/hybrid working, productivity, and inclusive workplaces. More than 12,000 members of the CMI community have participated in at least one poll since Managers Voice was launched, reflecting the engagement and reach of their research.


CMI’s polling activity has allowed them to develop thought leadership and practical guidance for their members based on research findings, as well as responding to Government consultations that impact the profession. CMI has created 6 major publications with practical guidance for managers directly from insight activities.

Additionally, CMI research has been developed to raise CMI’s name in national media—with 14 stories covered in national media, including print, digital, TV and radio. Combined, this increase in media presence and demonstration of expertise has elevated Chartered Management Institute as a leader in the management field in the UK.

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